Translation of sultry in Spanish:


sofocante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsʌltri//ˈsəltri/

adjectivesultriest, sultrier

  • 1

    (weather/day/climate) sofocante
    (weather/climate/day) bochornoso
    • After almost a month of sultry weather most places of Bangladesh were showered with moderate rainfalls in the last couple of days.
    • Yet this is where Guns N'Roses veterans Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum find themselves on a sultry summer Saturday in June.
    • The long period of hot, sultry, humid, rainless weather has finally broken this morning, with a long, rumbling storm.
    • Not used to such humid and sultry conditions, the bears are said to tackle the heat by lying still for hours together.
    • One fears for other encounters between the police and individuals in crisis in the coming hot and sultry summer weather.
    • It was quite a change from the cold winters of Canada to the hot, sultry weather of Zanzibar.
    • The catch was a good one but not as good as three other stunning efforts which ensured that Yorkshire had a constant struggle on their hands in the sultry weather.
    • It was summer, the air sultry and heavy with the approaching deluge.
    • If your summers get really sultry, your peppers will appreciate a heavy mulch after the spring season.
    • It looks wonderful, with its sultry air, more vivid than I can remember ever seeing in a film.
    • From the sultry weather of Mumbai, the players had travelled to the Capital where dry heat awaited them.
    • Samoa's climate is sultry, alternately sunny and rainy, but always hot and humid.
    • Our current approach is to prevent the disease during the sultry, humid summer.
    • So what's the next best option to escape from the sultry weather?
    • It was a welcome relief from the sultry weather conditions for people as Chandigarh and the adjoining areas had a low to moderate rainfall today.
    • Never have I seen someone run so fast on a sultry summer afternoon.
    • Excellent music for packing on a hot, humid, sultry, summer's night.
    • Not a leaf, not a blade of grass, stirred in the sultry air.
    • To escape from the scorching, sultry summers of Delhi he would take his trainees to the sand dunes of the Yamuna at Okhla, South Delhi.
    • As his plane moved through the sultry air at eleven thousand feet he reviewed his progress.
  • 2

    (person/smile/voice) sensual
    (person/smile/voice) seductor
    • She was beautiful: a sultry brunette with a seductive voice and she oozed femininity.
    • The sultry songstress took time out to share her thoughts about what makes her so different.
    • A flicker of a sultry woman, moist with the warmth of water from the ocean, comes to mind.
    • The sultry actress will be the face of the rap star's brand new fashion line.
    • She was soon featuring in US magazines wearing little more than a sultry smile.
    • She had been described as Ireland's sultry, sexy jazz diva and her reputation has seen her travel all over the world.
    • And just when the show seemed to be over, the lights went up on a 1930s nightclub, complete with sultry singers, tables and waiters.
    • Her sultry voice caused something inside of him to burn.
    • Elinor laughed, a sultry entangling siren's laugh.
    • Remember those sultry, sexy pictures of the young James Dean?
    • On the DVD cover is a picture of a rather sultry woman in a sensual pose.
    • This sultry goddess of a tow-truck driver has been rescuing autos in distress for almost five years.
    • Get past the strawberry blond tresses and her willowy, sultry looks, and Sutton's intelligence is manifest in all she does.
    • She shot to fame as a sultry seductress in Desperate Housewives.
    • Has he ever witnessed any sultry housewives or teenage seductresses losing pieces of their bikinis in the water?
    • She reinvented herself from cute girl-next-door to sultry diva.
    • His sultry looks and sinuous movements were his passport to Hollywood, where his first leading roles in 1921 catapulted him to fame.
    • Ms April is best described as a woman with sultry looks, with pale lovely skin, full lips and chocolate brown eyes that would make you melt.
    • It's impossible to imagine her as the girl next door or a sultry temptress, so she often ends up playing the sexless totty, rather than the heroine.
    • Most of the other paintings and pastels on view feature sultry young female models variously posed in fashionable garb.