Translation of summit in Spanish:


cumbre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsəmət//ˈsʌmɪt/


  • 1

    (of mountain)
    cumbre feminine
    cima feminine
    they climbed right to the summit subieron hasta la cumbre / cima
    • at the summit of his career en la cumbre / cima de su carrera
    • the summit of her ambition su máxima ambición
    • In years gone by, he had discovered lots of things dropped along the trails by emigrants lightening their wagonloads as they pushed for the mountain summits.
    • The land rises abruptly to highland ridges with mountain summits as high as 3000 feet.
    • Chris led us over Burnt Edge and Adam Hill towards the summit of Winter Hill.
    • This multi-peaked mountain of granite has summits formed from a mass of vertical chimneys - looking like the devil's organ poised to blow the last trumpet out across the world.
    • The oldest phase of ice flow (Event I) is characterized by ice flowing from an ice dispersal centre situated over the higher terrain in north-central Wales and by ice thick enough to cover the mountain summits.
    • Everywhere you go, from the hot banks of the Dead Sea to the summits of holy mountains, stones are everywhere.
    • Imperceptibly descending towards the mountain summit, it cast the land in an array of shadows.
    • With clear sky, you can see all the Monteregian mountains from the western summit.
    • There may be more spectacular mountains offering unforeseen horizons at their summits, but Blue Hill is an effortless peak to climb.
    • This feat put Jane Maria in the history books as the first Pakeha woman to reach the summit of the mountain.
    • Sitting on a boulder, looking up a few thousand feet to the summit of the mountain, he became serious and reflective.
    • Water is omnipresent in Valais, from babbling brooks cascading merrily downhill, to the tranquil, mirrored surface of a mountain lake reflecting majestic summits capped with eternal snow.
    • High above Glen Ceitlin the tops of the neighbouring hills peeked their snow-covered summits and ridges above the cloud - Stob Coire an Albannaich, Meall nan Eun, and Meall Odhar, all sparkling bright.
    • The road meanders high above the waters of lakes and rivers, embraced by the meringue summits of the mountains.
    • Huge plumes of snow blowing from the summits of some mountains looked like the smoke from great incense offerings.
    • Head east now over a broad whaleback to the cairn at 829m, the summit of Brown Cow Hill.
    • Tonight he would have to stop there before continuing on up the mountain to the summit.
    • Above them, further up the ridge the summit of the mountain was peeping at them through quickly moving mist.
    • Walkers on the Queen's Highland estate were allowed to walk from the Spittle of Muick car park to mountain summits on recognised paths.
    • The old drove road is recognisable as it climbs towards the summit of Kailzie Hill and the edge of the extensive Cardrona Forest.
  • 2also summit conference

    cumbre feminine
    conferencia cumbre feminine