Translation of sun in Spanish:


sol, n.

Pronunciation: /sən//sʌn/


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    sol masculine
    (bonnet/hat) (before noun) para el sol
    the sun is shining hace sol
    • to rise with the sun levantarse al amanecer
    • the sun's in my eyes me da el sol en los ojos
    • don't stay out in the sun too long no te quedes mucho tiempo al sol
    • let's sit out of/in the sun sentémonos a la sombra/al sol
    • Denver had eight hours of sun yesterday ayer hubo ocho horas de sol en Denver
    • to think the sun shines out of sb's eyes / backside / arse creer que algn es maravilloso
    • under the sun
    • I've tried everything under the sun he probado de todo
    • I've looked everywhere under the sun he buscado por todas partes
    • she called him every name under the sun le dijo de todo
    • there's nothing new under the sun no hay nada nuevo bajo el sol
    • sun blind toldo
    • sun god dios del Sol
    • the Sun King el Rey Sol
    • sun oil aceite solar / para el sol
    • sun parlor / lounge jardín de invierno
    • sun umbrella sombrilla
    • Balanced charm is what this wine does best: an easy sophistication, like lying in the sun on a winter's morning.
    • A 15 to 30 minute tanning session is equivalent to an entire day spent in the sun.
    • And the little mammal makes her way out in the morning sun, looking for food to raise her youngsters.
    • What can I put on the windows to keep the heat in the room for the winter and keep the sun out in the summer?
    • The 25-year-old was due to attend the court last month but the judge was told he had taken his partner and their child to the sun for ten days.
    • The promenade was often crowded with gentlemen and ladies, shaded from the summer sun by parasols, and children scurrying on the beach.
    • It is like working on a chain gang in the hot sun, all day long.
    • Plant it in an area which receives full sun, digging it into soil which has been improved with the addition of compost and manure.
    • Many of those dissenting voices seem to wonder how, given the precarious financial situation, the players can jet off to the sun for four days.
    • It compensated for standing in the hot sun without proper food or water for five days!
    • The next day the sun came back, and it didn't rain again the entire trip.
    • The pool was usually filled with swimmers, spellbound by the cool shower that tamed the summer sun.
    • So, leaving Ben to schmooze over a free lunch we got a ride downtown and enjoyed some welcome healthy food in the sun.
    • With no shelter from the sun, and little food or water, people became ill.
    • Forget your lazy day at the beach; forget a sweltering day in the sun; I'm going sailing.
    • Buy them in bloom, and plant them in full sun (light afternoon shade in hot climates).
    • It was our first clear day; the sun was turning the tops of the peaks gold.
    • Deciduous trees or vines will allow partial access to the winter sun and shade in summer.
    • But my child is only young, and is unable to apply lotion or cream properly and regularly in order to be protected from the sun on a hot summer day.
    • It occupies a narrow bed running alongside a path which gets the afternoon sun in summer, but little in winter when the sun is lower in the sky.

reflexive verb

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    to sun oneself tomar el sol

Translation of Sun in Spanish:


dom., n.


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