Translation of sun-kissed in Spanish:


bañado por el sol, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈsən ˌkɪst/



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    bañado por el sol
    • Arin's sun-kissed face paled as her eyes widened.
    • Though he was a Bombay boy, it was Goa and its sun-kissed beaches that stole his heart.
    • Her sun-kissed shoulders peeked out from under the waves of tresses.
    • He had a long, sun-kissed face and a playful smile.
    • That won't stop their sun-kissed carnival-goes-club fiesta soundtracking Britain's iciest months.
    • She was staring outside, at the sun-kissed benches because her mind could not seem to bear her Biology teacher's irritating voice.
    • Standing on the verge of a holiday you're faced with all those dead hours on planes, trains and automobiles, all that relaxing in front of the pool or on a sun-kissed beach, needing something to occupy your time.
    • These kids live in a sun-kissed stretch of Australia known as Tropical North Queensland, where outdoor play is possible most days year-round.
    • He is a jolly Aussie, halfway through a five-year term and missing sun-kissed Sydney Bay where he used to run the magnificent Opera House.
    • Lindsay frowned, while the wind kept blowing against their sun-kissed faces.
    • Its sensuous black-and-white close ups of sun-kissed female faces warm the heart through their intimacy, perfectly reflecting the haunting soundtrack of multi-layered whispering bird song and wind.
    • A comfortable silence had settled between the two, and she couldn't help but notice the content look on his sun-kissed face as he stared out at the ocean.
    • The village is more reminiscent of Maine or Massachusetts than of the sun-kissed, body-beautiful beaches of California.
    • But although composed in the midst of the Great War, they betray little warlike influence, reflecting instead his discovery of the climate and colour of sun-kissed Provence.
    • So, at the heart of it all, are the sun-kissed and sexy television presenter's life experiences really any different to that of other women?
    • To me, a sun-kissed Hollywood barbarian outside the gates, the key issue facing classical ballet is its lack of relevance to the culture we live in and the artistry illuminating that culture - including the best dance in our time.
    • Both of them tanned easily, and so their skin was already getting a sun-kissed glow.
    • In very hot regions of the lucky, sun-kissed New World, colours, tastes and textures have to be big, highly contrasted and sharp to be seen at all.
    • While not quite as enticing as sun-kissed meadows, those silly evenings are the ones I most look forward to.