Translation of sundry in Spanish:


varios, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsəndri//ˈsʌndri/


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    • It crashes down in torrents, carving channels through the cracked, sun-dried soil, racing to the sea before it has time to soak in.
    • But remember to sun-dry grass or clover before giving it to your rabbits; abruptly adding these materials when fresh to their diets can upset their stomachs.
    • Her focaccia bread was soft and chewy and had pieces of olive and sun-dried tomato in it.
    • The grapes are sun-dried, which gives it quite a different flavour to your usual dessert wine. This is an ancient method and delivers a fortified flavour with a gentle acidity.
    • Near the coast there is always fresh fish, but most fish consumed is sun-dried or smoked.
    • Another area of growth we have seen is seasoned gourmet cheeses such as dill havarti and sun-dried tomato mozzarella,’ she adds.
    • As I knelt on the sun-dried ground, my hands clenched in fists, I knew my cause was hopeless.
    • Clay walls may be molded by hand or with wooden forms; it may be preformed into bricks and sun-dried.
    • If you're not an olive fan, try something similar with sun-dried tomatoes or fresh basil leaves.
    • Perhaps the oldest and easiest form of food preservation is sun-drying.
    • Other popular flavor varieties include sun-dried tomatoes and freeze-dried onions and peppers.
    • Extra virgin olive oil from Italy, roasted peppers from Tagaytay, organic garlic from the health store, sun-dried tomatoes from my mother's garden in Tagaytay.
    • Good paste tomatoes are seedless, meaty, and on the dry side - qualities that also tailor them perfectly to sauces and sun-drying.
    • Both are made by harvesting late ultra-ripe grapes and then concentrating them further by sun-drying them.
    • Her fur was warm, with a close, musty scent: like sun-dried straw.
    • Mud and wattle or sun-dried bricks are used in house building in rural areas; well-off families may use concrete blocks.
    • Construction is mainly of sun-dried mud blocks, timber beams, and terracotta tiles.
    • In the desert, houses are built from stamped clay and sun-dried mud bricks.
    • To start, I had a plate of crostini with tomatoes, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and a generous scattering of basil leaves with some quality olive oil.
    • She was in a bed of sun-dried, sweet smelling cotton sheets.