Translation of sunflower in Spanish:


girasol, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsʌnflaʊə//ˈsənˌflaʊ(ə)r/


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    girasol masculine
    maravilla feminine Chile
    • Here in Pennsylvania, we always try a late planting of 8-10 week flowers (some zinnias, sunflowers, etc.) and sometimes we make it!
    • They have grown everything from sunflowers, poppies and hollyhocks to corn, cotton, potatoes, coconuts and dandelions.
    • Other crops include alfalfa, wheat, grapes, sunflowers, safflower, and walnuts.
    • He has overseen research in Hawaii, Iowa, Puerto Rico, and Chile, and investigated such diverse crops as soybeans, corn, sorghum, sunflowers, ginger, and papaya.
    • The owner clearly knows what she likes for she has given the entire space over to two species planted in tubs, sunflowers and tomatoes.
    • And a farmer would find that planting peas before sunflowers promises the highest sunflower yield - 1,490 pounds an acre.
    • They have found a way to use interspecific hybridization - that is, crosses between cultivated sunflowers and distant relatives that were difficult to impossible to make, until now.
    • It is a native insect which feeds on wild hosts including cocklebur, sunflowers, and common and giant ragweed, as well as soybeans.
    • Increased average marketings of all milk, cotton, cattle, and cottonseed offset decreased marketings of peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers, and potatoes.
    • More than 50 crops were grown by the 54 farms included in the sample, although more than half of the acreage was in hard red spring wheat, soybeans, hay, corn, and sunflowers.
    • He's using reclaimed drainage water, but he suspects it's infused with multiple salts and trace elements - rendering it unfit for his just-emerging, tender crop of ornamental sunflowers.
    • Or, if moisture is received, planting a later crop such as millet or sunflowers may be an option.
    • Bright and bold, sunflowers are native to North America and often sold at farmer's markets across the country.
    • Seed sunflowers at about 20,000 seeds per acre.
    • The team looked at crops such as corn, peas, proso millet, safflower, sunflower, triticale, and winter wheat, with some crops grown for grain and some for forage.
    • But this past year has been an especially punishing one for the country, with a drought over the summer leading to an exceptionally meagre yield of wheat, maize, sunflowers, soybeans and sugar-beet - all key crops.
    • Four rows to a bed is the standard but six rows are sometimes used, such as for sunflowers, to keep flower size down or for weed control.
    • He raises wheat, sunflowers, canola, and cattle.
    • In addition, more acres of sugar beets were being grown in 2000 than a year ago, while sunflower, alfalfa, oats, dry edible beans, millet, and wheat were lower.
    • Sunflowers, beautiful as they are on a summer day, are valuable as a source of both oil and meal, and sunflowers are also powerfully allelopathic against many tough weeds.