Translation of sunrise in Spanish:


salida del sol, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsənˌraɪz//ˈsʌnrʌɪz/


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    salida del sol feminine
    at sunrise al alba literary
    • Like it is with all deserts, the best times of the day in the Great Basin are sunrise and sunset.
    • The streets of La Paz are today filled from sunrise to sunset with traders selling anything from razor blades to fast food.
    • Bonnie had the morning hours, starting at sunrise.
    • Last year I performed during Ramadan, an Islamic month when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset to cleanse the system and restore inner energy.
    • The artist is shown from different perspectives and at various times of day, walking in a circular pattern (first clockwise, then counterclockwise), from sunrise to sunset.
    • Archaeological evidence is often discovered and classified from the air, especially in the raking light of sunrise and sunset.
    • Today, however, many of us have moved into jobs that do not require us to cram the workday between sunrise and sunset.
    • Depending on the context, the day was considered to begin at either midnight, at noon, at sunset, or at sunrise.
    • The artist photographs the Indiana landscape at sunrise and sunset, when the light is dramatically slanted.
    • He picks from sunrise to sundown for an old Okie family.
    • I weeded with a hoe and shook bugs off plants with my hands from sunrise to sunset.
    • Many scenes were shot in the golden light just after sunrise or before sunset.
    • More important than the timing, however, is the genuine physical hardship for those who take the fast seriously, since the rules require total abstinence from food or drink between sunrise and sunset.
    • For example, Memphis law states that begging after sunset and before sunrise is a misdemeanor.