Translation of sunset in Spanish:


puesta de(l) sol, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsʌnsɛt//ˈsənˌsɛt/


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    puesta de(l) sol feminine
    crepúsculo masculine literary
    at sunset a la caída de la tarde
    • I will retract my tuition forthwith and find a profession more suited to the quiet dignity of my sunset years.
    • It's more than likely that coverage of this deal will disappear into the sunset, which is a shame as the lessons learnt here would be useful to many others who should have looked before they leapt.
    • They do not pay social security taxes and thus will not be able to draw a pension when they reach their sunset years.
    • Two years earlier I had had my first glimpse of another great dance diva in her sunset years - the 60-year-old Martha Graham.
    • Indeed, many older Argentines now believe they'll have to toil on into their sunset years.
    • Those who believe that the technology is fading into the sunset have not done their homework.
    • His life encompassed the high noon and early sunset of Britain's world power.