Translation of sunstroke in Spanish:


insolación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsʌnstrəʊk//ˈsənˌstroʊk/


  • 1

    insolación feminine
    to get sunstroke coger una insolación Spain
    • You sure you don't have sunstroke or something?
    • No, you should have worn a hat and not got sunstroke.
    • That same year, William Garrett, aged about twenty and travelling from Beltana to Innamincka, died of sunstroke.
    • If the men were not hit by an arrow, they would be dead of sunstroke.
    • He had been struck by sunstroke and his vision was blurred.
    • As the blazing sun beats down on them, weary Confederates are ‘nauseated and dizzy from sunstroke and heat exhaustion’, unable to bear the sweltering heat and humidity of Pennsylvania.
    • He extracted teeth, stitched gashes, advised on pneumonia and sunstroke, set broken limbs, used the lancet and the thermometer.
    • He treated her for sunstroke and said that thirty more minutes in the sun would have ended her life.
    • Soon after, he died of sunstroke in Georgia.
    • ‘We must find shade and cool water or we'll all have sunstroke,’ she said grimly.
    • There was also another wee drama when my sister Isabelle fainted from sunstroke.
    • I don't want you getting sunstroke the first time you come to the beach with me