Translation of superficial in Spanish:


superficial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsuːpəˈfɪʃ(ə)l//ˌsupərˈfɪʃəl/


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      (burn/wound) superficial
      (resemblance/differences) superficial
      • That is, they sound good on a superficial level, but a look at the fine print shows a different picture.
      • Whilst these conclusions may have a superficial validity they say nothing of the dynamics and processes of change and the social content underlying the institutional restructuring explored by the authors.
      • Correspondingly, each claimed that the other remained entangled in, and misled by, a superficial, merely apparent reality.
      • A superficial comparison of Roth with Malamud reveals two versions of the problems of self-definition which is at the core of this literature.
      • This principle states that, despite the superficial power enjoyed by the capitalists and landowners, the true bosses under capitalism are the consumers.
      • At a superficial level, I was different because I wore different clothes, cracked different jokes, interacted with students differently.
      • That said there does appear to be some superficial evidence that suggests the period from May to September is a dull period for shares.
      • It only affirms the hugely popular, superficial notion of a culture in crisis, of a culture lost in a constant loop of revivals.
      • Masson takes him to a nearby doctor who allays his fears that he only suffered superficial flesh wounds - he has nothing serious to worry about.
      • The superficial distinction, that architects necessarily have to deal with the urban context while sculptors can choose to avoid it, conceals much more complicated variations.
      • Most of the problems are superficial and have no real substance.
      • They were treated for smoke inhalation and superficial burns.
      • The weakness of many of these fads is that they have the superficial appearance that something profound is happening, yet the substance is not there.
      • At a superficial level, an appreciation of 16% may seem like a pretty good return over eleven months.
      • Despite superficial resemblances to their medieval predecessors, these Lutheran altarpieces share a number of striking new features.
      • The landscape rolls by with superficial uneventfulness until the eye begins to entertain itself by finding distinctive features.
      • Sensibly, I think, he acknowledges that comics and movies are two wildly different media, despite superficial resemblances.
      • I was in two major car accidents, which left me with superficial scars that I will carry the rest of my life.
      • There are certain superficial resemblances, say, to the nineties films such as American Beauty, or the recent Ghost World.
      • His new collection, Oblivion, contains eight stories of uncompromising difficulty, with certain superficial similarities.
      • While this correlation between domestic dictatorship and foreign aggression has a superficial plausibility, it is simply not true on the factual, historical record.
      • A spokesman confirmed he was detained overnight with superficial injuries.
      • On a purely superficial level, this album mirrors its predecessor so closely I ought to really give them identical grades.
      • While there is a superficial resemblance in shape, the Atech lacks some of the more elegant features of the Macintosh, such as the clamshell design, but adds some nifty features for system builders.
      • He did not make the mistake of judging Catalans not only by their difference from other Spaniards but by superficial resemblances to French ways and style.

    • 1.2

      (inspection) superficial
      (inspection) por encima
      (person) superficial
      he's so superficial es tan superficial
      • Perhaps the biggest disappointment is his extremely superficial treatment of the historical experience of the now developed countries.
      • Bitty Schram is suitably superficial and irritating as Hallie.
      • That's why fearful people with weak, inconsistent or superficial values tend to lack influence or any genuine success.
      • Nothing is that wrong with Sex and the City - well unless you look beyond the humour and realise how superficial the women are - although the latest series has been dreary.
      • Paradoxically, this show is both mind-numbingly sombre and utterly superficial.
      • I actually found all of the characters tremendously superficial and predictable in a lot of ways.
      • The general impression was of a scrappy and superficial campaign, facing a coherent and single-minded Government.
      • It was too superficial an examination of the subject, which ironically reminded me that there is quite a bit that I don't know about history in general.
      • A lot of the judgements that designers make about other designers are superficial.
      • But this is pretty lame stuff - dated, superficial, unfocused and only intermittently engrossing.
      • The insights are superficial too, but it is a light comedy after all.
      • Writing stand-up only heightens my sense that one joke, plus another joke, plus another all adds up to a superficial experience.
      • But only for people who have had sufficient experience of their own - and then only to appreciate other situations, not to pronounce on them with the most superficial of knowledge.
      • It's too light to be a spoof, too superficial to get to the real meat of why rap culture inspires so many privileged peons.
      • And the characters are so superficial that we hardly care which of these different fates may befall them.
      • Despite some superficial and unfounded criticism about the fact that the manual would be outdated, much of it still retains significant validity.
      • It is the vision of an Englishman, a sportsman and a visitor yet not that of a superficial tourist, and, irritating as it might be to the Scottish nationalist in the age of devolution, it still exerts a powerful appeal.
      • On the whole, the cast does a very nice job with their superficial characters and makes them charming, funny, and/or despicable as needed.
      • It's all very superficial and doesn't really explore any issues it does raise.
      • The characters themselves are little more than superficial sketches that become increasingly indistinguishable as the movie proceeds.
      • Actually I think it makes the characters seem whiney and irritating and erm… superficial.
      • Dialogue is sparse, so the humour is superficial, not character-driven, and shows up as glib one-liners.
      • The script lacks any such subtleties and none of the cast is skillful enough to be able to suggest any depth beyond the script's superficial characterizations.
      • Mullings' portrayal of the duplicitous wife is forced and superficial.
      • In Maelstrom, the main characters are slick, superficial people who deepen emotionally because of the trauma.
      • It was written from kind of a superficial, Hollywood point of view, essentially filled, I think, with a lot of lies by omission.
      • I can't imagine any lady in real life being so easily seduced by so superficial a character.
      • Shreve gives a very superficial rendering of her characters.
      • Like all single career women, Bridget is a slobbering alcoholic, a superficial ninny posing as a competent professional and intellectual.
      • In short, the museum should strive to do something more than facilitate superficial understandings and mere idol worship.
      • The rest is superficial, a blight of the modern obsession with looks and image.
      • Before reading the book I only had a superficial knowledge of his life and career.
      • The film suggests that it is better to understand and accept the condition as normal than to try to eradicate it with supposed miracle cures, or superficial lifestyle changes.
      • What conversation exists is trapped in a level of superficial banality.
      • Surely the female species is not so superficial?
      • So, he decided to inhabit a character who was very much like he was in real life: Brash, glib, superficial and immensely appreciative of beautiful women.
      • Anyone with even the most superficial aquaintence with the history of the French revolution will know what that means, in nine cases out of ten.
      • Maybe the relatively superficial thinking behind the French poster designs stems from a sense of helplessness and an inability to really grasp the whole of the monumental injustices occurring.
      • She worries that people think she is superficial, and the deeper Anne cannot withstand that.
      • He gives a superficial and inadequate account of Kipling's curious, subtle, savage, contradictory passion for England, which was both his home and his place of exile.
      • Critics with a superficial understanding of the principle imagine that it would force all land into use and lead to overdevelopment.
      • A 14-minute featurette entitled ‘A Talent for Life: Iris’ gives a fairly superficial look at the making of the film.
      • However, the better you know Doucet's sources, the more you realize how superficial his version is.
      • The mother, of course, is ditzy, frazzled and superficial because there can be no real happiness beyond the city limits.

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    (area/measurements) de superficie