Translation of superhighway in Spanish:


autopista, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsupərˈhaɪweɪ//ˈsupərˌhaɪweɪ//ˈsuːpəhʌɪweɪ/


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    Motor vehicles
    autopista feminine
    • In other words, the largest and most powerful farming organisation in the country has not just cleared the way for the proposed superhighways, it has committed itself to becoming persuaders to the motorway template.
    • In the US and Europe, we're used to electricity at the flick of a switch, clean water from the kitchen faucet, high-speed rail, and well-paved superhighways traveled by giant, refrigerated trucks.
    • There were still some functioning ones on interstate superhighways running through the Southwest and Midwest Sectors.
    • But there also is loss of flora and fauna on Long Island, where superhighways and shopping malls seem to have taken over.
    • Among the first passengers on the superhighways were returning World War II veterans, who were financing their new suburban dream homes with federal loans.
    • New maquilas will be built in rural areas along superhighways, designed and located without regard to environmental or human needs.
    • Cars combined with suburbs, superhighways, and longer commutes gave radio a vast captive audience.
    • Just look at our privatized superhighways, our breath-taking airports, our glittering tower blocks - the highest in the world!
    • For instance, don't locate where two superhighways cross and a mall is next door; stay close to two ordinary roads.
    • Americans think gridlock results from merging, entering and exiting traffic, or from ‘gaper blockings’ at accident sites on superhighways, and the like.
    • Perhaps, in this era of cross-country flights and vast superhighways, coming home is not such a monumental event.
    • We've built superhighways, which function as parking lots at commuter time.
    • And as you said, everyone sort of understands if you have a house that has to get demolished for a new superhighway or even park.
    • In Cape Town, the superhighway to the airport passes row after row of cardboard and tin shacks.
    • A superhighway connecting Hong Kong with Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong, was another first.
    • The invention of the automobile, the development of superhighways and urbanization helped to spread fast food franchises, supermarkets, and convenience foods.
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    the information superhighway la autopista de la comunicación
    • Over the last ten years, the number of Internet hosts has grown at an accelerated rate; slowdowns and traffic jams are plaguing the information superhighway.
    • Ever since the advent of the information superhighway, I have been able to keep myself updated with the latest transfer gossip throughout the day, whilst sat at my desk.
    • It's 1995 and the information superhighway is opening its lanes for e-commerce and e-content.
    • In the new global economy, the growth of the information superhighway and the revolution in computing and communications have created a huge demand for the so-called ‘knowledge workers.’
    • The police do a good job of keeping unsafe vehicles off our road but who's patrolling the information superhighway and protecting us from unsafe computers?
    • We could be there, surfing the vast information superhighways of the future.
    • This is because the Internet is the information superhighway and most people use it for information of some sort.
    • It is certainly true that the information superhighways running down the fiber-optic lines between major metropolitan areas are, for the moment, underutilized.
    • Buyers were promised a telecentre with fibre optic links to each of the homes as their way to access the information superhighway and work remotely.
    • Instead of protecting us with technology, they use the information superhighway to remove our liberties.
    • She touted a grand vision of the convergence of television and the information superhighway.
    • Our research team has undertaken the first comprehensive study of child pornography on the information superhighway, and let me tell you: Perversion has gone digital, and we need to penetrate this problem now.
    • The Internet merely as an information superhighway along which an advertiser sticks virtual billboards missed one of the most important aspects of the Internet: its ability to work as a one-to-one medium.
    • The Internet has been described metaphorically as an information superhighway, a marketplace, and a virtual community.
    • The first option is to set up what is the equivalent of a warrant of fitness and registration checkpoint at every entry-point to the information superhighway.
    • In addition, the early confinement of knowledge to a few key players is now irrevocably challenged by the development of the worldwide information superhighway.
    • Who appointed these guardians of the electronic superhighway?
    • As the juggernaut of opportunity slams on its brakes and pulls into the hard shoulder of consolidation on the information superhighway, investors now have an opportunity to assess the latest developments in the online business space.
    • There's little point in giving the schools an on-ramp to the fast-lane on the information superhighway if they can't afford to put fuel in their cyber-busses is there?
    • Though metaphors such as the information superhighway have been extremely effective in marshalling support for information infrastructure development, far more is involved than laying roads over which information will travel.