Translation of superiority complex in Spanish:

superiority complex

complejo de superioridad, n.


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    complejo de superioridad masculine
    • It tears you up to see the hate in his eyes when he looks at you, so you mask it up with arrogance and a superiority complex.
    • Instead, I contented myself with wondering darkly whether she was an old hag who had a ballooning superiority complex, or simply got perverse pleasure in making lives as hellish as hers probably was.
    • A friend recently pointed this out to a middle-aged woman, whose only disability seemed to a crushing superiority complex, after she parked badly across two handicapped spaces at the supermarket.
    • She said that you were cold, and rude, and had a superiority complex the size of the entire county!
    • Americans have a superiority complex when it comes to information technology, but we're not even close to the Scandinavians when it comes to wireless technology.
    • I seemed to have developed a superiority complex over the summer, I thought to myself with a grin.
    • I should really stop being sarcastic, because you'll take me seriously or something, and then we'll have a big full-blown discussion about my superiority complex.
    • She has this superiority complex and she doesn't know when to close her mouth.
    • What I really would have enjoyed hearing would have been a piece about what my sister is obviously suffering from: a superiority complex.