Translation of superman in Spanish:


superhombre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsupərˌmæn//ˈsuːpəman/

nounPlural Supermen, Plural supermen

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    superhombre masculine
    • It was one of the worst cases of special effects regression since the lesser known of the Supermen movies.
    • It was kind of a combination of Superman, Batman, Santa Claus, and a rock band.
    • The songs are B-side forgettables and the plot might have been written for a Superman comic 15 years after anyone gave a damn.
    • Is not the admiration of people of all ages for our Tarzans, Supermen, Lone Rangers and indestructible detectives the result of a love for romanticism?
    • Superheroes Batman and Superman are set to go head to head in a new movie.
    • I grew up on Daredevil and Iron Man and Spider-Man and Batman and Superman and The Hulk.
    • Where else could you see Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, plus a slew of visitors from the DC Comics world, in the same place every week?
    • But Superman moved away from Smallville, you say.
    • Yeah, there's a Superman graphic novel that's being drawn right now.
    • Let's play fashion expert for a second and compare the new Superman to the old-school Supermen.
    • He's Superman in black, with no Kryptonite in sight.
    • They make Superman look geriatric and Batman slow to go.
    • With its mix of traditionalism, inventiveness, and healthy respect for the mythology, this is a Superman for all seasons.
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