Translation of supplementary in Spanish:


suplementario, adj.


Pronunciation /ˌsəpləˈmɛn(t)əri//ˌsʌplɪˈmɛnt(ə)ri/


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    (delivery/supply/report) suplementario
    (supply/report/delivery) adicional
    • Attempts to generate supplementary material to help those coming to it as a medium for the first time, to give some insight into how productions are created, but still evolve, can just seem stilted and off-putting.
    • During the process of transcribing his notebooks, he made additional annotations in the margins referring to supplementary information he had since collected.
    • Content consists of digital images from 700 artists, as well as supplementary information about the artwork and background information on each of the featured artists.
    • The draw-loom of Mahdia is a much simpler device, with four supplementary heddles operated in sequence by the weaver's assistant.
    • The easy exposition and the portrayal of the historical developments make this useful supplementary reading; with a text of original writings, it could serve as a good introductory text in the history of finance.
    • The supplementary feed was given in amounts necessary to maintain a body condition score of 5 to 6 in a 1 to 9 scoring system described by Herd and Sprott.
    • Students are provided with all necessary materials including text-based study modules, supplementary textbooks, and access to various on-line facilities.
    • Then there's no end of trade publications, broker reports and media punditry that can provide supplementary company information.
    • Useful introductory and supplementary materials and informed commentaries on the individual works make this a work of interest to specialists and others.
    • Computer programs can allow learners to access supplementary information easily and quickly and also allow the learner to control the pace.
    • Teaching is mostly by slide lecture, with supplementary gallery talks that provide access to the unparalleled collections in the museum.
    • Corporations and nonprofit organizations, often working together, stepped in with a wide range of supplementary readings, classroom activities and, in recent years, websites.
    • In light of the above, it is recommended that another supplementary regulation be put in place that prohibits residents from owning significant bank deposits denominated in overseas currencies.
    • Looms of this type are so named because they are fitted with a number of supplementary heddles that would be ‘drawn up’ by one or more assistants to the weaver.
    • On steeper slopes contour cropping without supplementary practices reduces erosion losses by only about 10 percent.
    • To validate our analysis, a draft of the empirical part of the paper was circulated to the key individuals interviewed, and the accuracy of the account was discussed over the phone in supplementary interviews.
    • Nor has any effort been made to provide supplementary information of any sort, not even a few background production notes on the case or its insert.
    • In addition, they've added some interesting supplementary material which makes the whole package a rather attractive one.
    • In the financial accounts, adjustments are made with the supplementary information to split the data from these returns into separate financial and non-financial corporations.
    • What I resent is when something has been poorly thought out and you have to try to work out what was meant, and do supplementary research to make the piece hang together in any form.
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