Translation of supply in Spanish:


suministro, n.

Pronunciation: /səˈplʌɪ//səˈplaɪ/


  • 1

    suministro masculine
    (ship/route) (before noun) de abastecimiento
    the supply of goods and services el suministro / la provisión de productos y servicios
    • the law of supply and demand la ley de la oferta y la demanda
    • to cut off the water/electricity supply cortar el suministro de agua/electricidad
    • the supply of blood to the brain el riego sanguíneo del cerebro
    • Muscle is probably spared the harmful effects of substances injected into it because of its abundant blood supply.
    • In the short term, at least, demand for service is far outpacing supply.
    • Historically, surface water has been available for water supplies.
    • He believes that fewer apartments will now be built in areas with a surplus of supply.
    • He added that while the store had ordered extra supplies of bottled water, he had not seen any other unusual related sales trends.
    • In addition, there is an endless supply of very cheap labour.
    • The future looked dismal due to the lack of spare tires and a dwindling oxygen supply.
    • In addition, agglomeration forces are generally associated with an abundant supply of skilled labor.
    • Yesterday my neighbours made an extra trip to the supermarket, stocking up on extra supplies of bottled water and canned food, ‘just in case the worst happens’.
    • Local residents have expressed fears that the mudslide could affect water supplies and fish stocks, and could also threaten homes.
    • While we never felt cheated in any way, it was slightly alarming how quickly our money supply dwindled.
    • Your body actually runs well on a steady fuel supply throughout the day.
    • We know that producers will offer more supply at a higher price than a lower price, and we know that more consumers will buy more at a lower price than a higher price.
    • Since the third day of the war the city's electricity supply has been out of action.
    • Sustainable alternatives should offer both security of supply and cost benefits.
    • Many large municipal drinking water supplies are fluoridated to an optimal level of 1 part per million (ppm).
    • It would depend on the supply of stocks available and how many targets they have to hit.
    • What she witnessed convinced her that the poor were being manipulated into producing an endless supply of cheap labour.
    • The crowd around the medical supplies dwindled again as I made my stand.
    • On the one hand, they must secure a plentiful supply of food from the ocean.
    • There they dried off and set about to use their fishing net to replenish their dwindling food supply.
    • However, demand for assisted housing always outstripped the limited supply.
    • The US presently consumes more than 80 percent of the world's supply of these drugs.
    • There are other ways of managing the labour supply.
    • Similarly, we can see the world's oil supply being exhausted too.
    • Following this army north was a huge train of equipment and supplies, which included weaponry, siege engines, food and wine.
    • This means my kit has supplies and equipment to handle local emergencies as well as the extremes found in the mountains and desert.
    • There are a half dozen or so documents that authorize unit personnel, equipment, and supplies for Army forces.
    • All necessary injection equipment and supplies are provided for each client in an injection room, as well as the means for disposal.
    • We demand fuel, food and the necessary supplies to carry on our journey.
    • It was a long, hard slog to the top, which took us around five hours, mainly because we were all heavily loaded up with the extra survival equipment and food supplies.
    • A regional army coordinates and manages the transportation of equipment and supplies within its area of responsibility.
    • The money was used for the provision of medical supplies and equipment.
    • That money is used mainly for plane fares, bags of oatmeal-based food supplements, camping equipment and medical supplies.
    • A cargo ship successfully docked with the international space station yesterday, delivering supplies and equipment for its US and Russian crew.
    • There were several boxes of equipment, medical supplies, and field rations.
    • I myself had a dialogue with the wagon manufacturers and impressed upon them the necessity to expedite supplies.
    • Throughout the health center, locked storage space that protects supplies and equipment from the elements and camp critters is well worth the investment.
    • There are too few phone lines, my medical records are in boxes, and all but the most necessary equipment and supplies are in storage.
    • The huge transports bring in troops, supplies, equipment, food, water, ammunition, fuel and medicine.
    • The funds will be used to buy necessary relief/medical supplies, rebuilding materials and other items needed by the families left without homes.
    • Being mostly a merchant colony, Rancha only provided food and supplies to the two armies.
    • The bulk of USASOC's planning is making sure the right people with the right equipment and necessary supplies are at the right place at the right time.
    • I have a small gallery area, a space for customers to make their selections and a work room with equipment, supplies and materials.
    • The runners will have to carry their own food, basic medical supplies and emergency equipment such as a compass in case they get lost.
  • 2

    (stock, store)
    las existencias de carbón solo van a durar un mes
    el estoc de carbón solo va a durar un mes
    food supplies are running low se están agotando las provisiones / los víveres / los pertrechos
    • we need fresh supplies of paper tenemos que pedir una nueva remesa de papel
    • you'll need a good supply of books te hará falta una buena cantidad de libros
    • we only have a month's supply of coal left solo nos queda carbón para un mes
    • office supplies artículos de oficina
    • she has an endless supply of patience/jokes tiene una paciencia inagotable/un repertorio interminable de chistes
    • to be in short supply (in short supply) escasear
    • sugar was in short supply había escasez de azúcar

transitive verb

  • 1

    (provide, furnish)
    (gas/electricity) suministrar
    (goods) suministrar
    (goods) abastecer de
    (goods) proveer de
    (information/evidence) proporcionar
    (evidence/information) facilitar
    they supply machinery to the industry proveen de / suministran maquinaria a la industria
    • you cook and I'll supply the wine tú haces la comida y yo pongo el vino
    • Rupert supplied the comic relief Rupert dio / aportó el toque humorístico que relajó la tensión
  • 2

    (manufacturer/retailer) abastecer
    Business abastecer a algn de algo
    Business suministrarle algo a algn
    (with information) facilitarle / proporcionarle algo a algn
    to supply sb with sth proveer a algn de algo
    • they supplied us with everything we needed nos proveyeron de todo lo necesario
    • they supply us with the raw materials nos abastecen / proveen de materia prima
    • we can supply you with glasses for your party podemos facilitarle / proporcionarle las copas para su fiesta
    • to supply the army with provisions suministrar provisiones al ejército
    • they are not supplied with running water no tienen suministro de agua corriente
  • 3formal

    (need/demand) satisfacer
    (deficiency) suplir
    to supply the shortfall reparar el déficit