Translation of suppress in Spanish:


contener, v.

Pronunciation /səˈprɛs//səˈprɛs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(restrain, check)

      (anger/laughter) contener
      (laughter/anger) reprimir
      (feelings) reprimir
      Psychology inhibir
      Psychology reprimir
      • I'm a very ordinary human and can't suppress my feelings of love however hard I try.
      • This book is here to try and help you figure out ways to suppress the feelings of depression following someone's death.
      • During the first, some were asked to express feelings of anger and others were asked to suppress those feelings.
      • In that way they hoped to suppress what they thought were his poisonous ideas.
      • I fear that she is suppressing her feelings and that she'll experience some sort of backlash in time to come.
      • When fear is high, morality and reason are suppressed in favour of survival.
      • People who suffer emotional distress can turn to food to suppress their feelings, only exacerbating the problem.
      • After his memories were suppressed, he was allowed free access into his subconscious.
      • As he told me the story, he kept on losing track of where he was, as if he has been suppressing these memories for so long that his brain just automatically derails any consideration of what happened.
      • So is it healthier to express or suppress your feelings?
      • Initiative on the part of individual soldiers was suppressed in favour of unquestioning compliance with instructions.
      • Deanna tried to suppress what looked like a smirk at this point.
      • There was a small ounce of jealousy that erupted in the pit of her stomach before she forcibly suppressed it.
      • Aimée was immediately suspicious but suppressed the feeling.
      • Dani bit her lip, trying to suppress her feelings of desire.
      • She turned away from the window, suppressing the oh-so-clear memory of the fearful apparition, and walked slowly down the gallery.
      • Whether anger is triggered by external events such as traffic jams, or by internal worrying, researchers are still unsure if it's healthier to express or suppress the emotion.
      • He couldn't suppress a shudder and curled up like a cat on the floor.
      • Twitching, I barely suppressed the urge to scowl.
      • She stepped into the scalding water of the tub and sank down into her array of bubbles, suppressing the memories of the accident and focusing all her energy on how she was going to convince Melanie she didn't want to try out for the dance team.
      • What would you suggest I do to suppress these unwanted feelings without the use of pills or alcohol?
      • For three years, she had tried to subdue and suppress the aching questions and pleas of her heart and soul.
      • In other words, nightmares occur when dreams fail to blunt the body's emotional response, whereas successful dreaming controls and suppresses the feeling in dreams and protects the continuity of sleep.
      • Nicholas smiled and tried to suppress his feeling of joy.
      • In addition, the researchers found that the more subjects activated their frontal cortex during the experiment, the better they were at suppressing unwanted memories.

    • 1.2(prevent publication of)

      (text) suprimir
      (truth/facts/evidence) ocultar
      (newspaper) retirar de la circulación
      • The freedom of the press is preventing government from suppressing the news further.
      • The central planning model - one case, one court, one set of rules, one settlement price for all involved - suppresses information that is vital to accurate resolution.
      • The Minister is not suppressing the information.
      • Until the beginning of this year AIDS was merely ignored or information was actively suppressed.
      • You've ceased to try to deal with the issues, and moved into attempts to suppress information to prevent others from even being exposed to the issues.
      • Instead of promoting justice in the case, his reaction, along with a group of newspaper editors, has been to suppress information about the case.
      • The Pakistani authorities have reportedly suppressed this information and not shared it with the US.
      • The police suppressed information about the ritual aspect, to spare the children the publicity.
      • The networks could fight the politicians on First Amendment principles, arguing that it's insane to suppress newsworthy information.
      • She continues to suppress information about the first trial to this day.
      • They've also managed to suppress information about much of their activities.
      • The government, however, suppressed the information.
      • I myself am not aware of how it happened - for unknown reasons, this information was suppressed before it was allowed into the open.
      • Regulators suppressed the negative information on the grounds that it might scare families and physicians away from the drugs, according to testimony by drug company executives.
      • Later on, this information was suppressed or ignored.
      • Until last month, the federal statistics department, responding to pressure from Inuit organizations, took unusual steps to suppress their own information.
      • For example, lead pigment manufacturers were knowledgeable about the hazards of lead, and suppressed the information, just as asbestos manufacturers did.
      • Well, when we have what is quite clearly an alliance between the government and the press, and information is wilfully suppressed, then we are no better off than a country under a dictatorship.
      • Of course, they look for information that they want to hear and they try to disprove or suppress information they don't want to hear.
      • With few exceptions, the mass media suppresses all information about the entire topic.

    • 1.3(put a stop to)

      (rebellion/revolt) sofocar
      (revolt/rebellion) reprimir
      (organization/political party) suprimir
      • Since then opposition rallies and other public events have been suppressed and their organisers arrested.
      • The Germans did as they pleased, suppressing opponents and arresting anyone who spoke out against them.
      • This sparked a series of student demonstrations that were savagely suppressed, killing over 100.
      • Instead they are letting these kinds of groups become popular and then trying to suppress them by stamping on democracy and freedom of speech.
      • Never once does he threaten to overpower or suppress them.
      • It seemed that everyone had either fled or already hurried down to the lower levels to suppress the uprising.
      • The Bohemian rebellion was ruthlessly suppressed in 1620 and Bohemia went through a decade of decline.
      • They also created a secret police force that was used to break strikes, arrest workers and suppress working class freedom and democracy.
      • The army suppressed the uprising, killing ten thousand people.
      • If they do, people will start protests, and brutal conservatives will savagely suppress them.
      • The authorities forcibly suppressed the demonstration.
      • A week-long state of emergency was declared, and the protests were forcibly suppressed with considerable loss of life.
      • Internal division must be suppressed in order to achieve electoral victory.
      • These uprisings were ruthlessly suppressed, as were the Levellers in England after the Civil War.
      • Between the years 1892 and 1894, the Fasci was forcibly suppressed by the government and ordered to disband.
      • In fact, methods used to suppress the protests and uprisings, and witnessing staff in riot gear, caused ‘particular stress’ to children.
      • Meanwhile, his government brutally suppressed all opposition in gross violation of human rights.
      • This is a step to bind the working class, sweep aside any right won in the past with its own strength and suppress any uprising if it occurs.
      • These robber barons operate in Central America, where workers' rights are savagely suppressed.
      • In 1947, with French prestige at low ebb, a nationalist uprising was suppressed after several months of bitter fighting.

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    Television Radio
    • Spark plug wires that suppress electro-magnetic interference are a necessity in our electronics-rich race cars, but these wires can degrade over time.
    • Crosstalk from synchronizing signals is suppressed by filters.
    • The negative feedback circuit suppresses variations in gate voltage of the output MOS transistor by the feedback loop.
    • The narrowband interference is then suppressed in the signal combiner prior to application to the standard cross correlation process.
    • Due to such a constitution, the generation of the interference light can be suppressed.