Translation of supremacist in Spanish:


supremacista, adj.

Pronunciation /sjuːˈprɛməsɪst//suˈprɛməsəst//suːˈprɛməsɪst/


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    (que defiende la supremacía de una raza, un grupo etc.) supremacista
    • The BJP's Hindu supremacist agenda was central to its formation and its political advances.
    • If such gendered concepts are constructs of the male experience, imposed from the male standpoint on society as a whole, liberal morality expresses male supremacist politics.
    • As students reflect on the sites they find, a student comments on the recruiting tactics of the people in a supremacist chat room.
    • He reports, too, on the angry young men he meets, dislocated by colonialism and desperately seeking acceptance in white supremacist Britain.
    • They make clear their contempt for supremacist doctrine in ‘All the Young Fascists’.
    • Sterne certainly does not engage in supremacist tub-thumping, because this would rip away the stuff of the world that makes his perspective complete, while keeping his feet on the ground.
    • It is a terrible shame that we are trapped into supremacist language and I do not like the name Supreme Court.
    • Both are instead the effects of a very old, very entrenched logical, rhetorical, and political structure that causes critics and defenders alike to interpret things in a supremacist way before we even know it.
    • Subsequent investigation turned up 22 members and associates of white supremacist organizations in the division's ranks.
    • Based on fundamentalist revolutionary ideas, Fascism defines itself through intense xenophobia, militarism, and supremacist ideals.
    • The American Civil Liberties Union claims this is unconstitutional and is seeking out supremacist judges to order classroom curricula to continue the censorship and forbid an open mind about evolution.
    • One of the strong and silent types, Torque already has a reputation for taking care of himself, having eliminated half of a supremacist group in another prison.
    • Someone needs to call him on his patently racist and supremacist world view.
    • The Sinhala supremacist organisation has declared that it will not allow such rallies.
    • At the heart of indigenous supremacist doctrines lies respect for the mana or traditional power of the village chief.


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    (defensor de la supremacía de una raza, un grupo etc.) supremacista masculine
    • Why did FBI agents investigating the ARA fail to alert the Oklahoma City investigators of a possible link between McVeigh and the white supremacists?
    • The white supremacists do not act in a vacuum, however.
    • Even in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, they maintain intimate political ties with groups that are led by white supremacists, racists and anti-Semites.
    • One member is married to a former Ohio militia leader, he says, and another was kicked off Pat Buchanan's presidential campaign for alleged ties to white supremacists.
    • The Unionist government had decided to allow Protestant supremacists to march through Derry city centre, despite overwhelming opposition in a city where the majority were Catholics.
    • Her 1995 report on white supremacists in America brought her several awards - and the ire of some of the country's most dangerous domestic terrorists.
    • Such data will inevitably be exploited by white supremacists, twisted for their own political goals and used not to improve racial relations in America but to encourage further racial strife.
    • It's as ridiculous as trying to paint all conservatives as white supremacists.
    • In 1996, of his own volition, Browning began looking into violent white supremacists.
    • Like other white supremacists, most of whom lacked anything approaching his talents and intellectual sophistication, Davidson found himself increasingly isolated even in the South.
    • Group members and other white supremacists have responded with evident delight at the latest killings.
    • Generally, it refers to the code of silence that white supremacists should adhere to in refusing all cooperation with the government.
    • It appears that these judicial supremacists, as Lord Cooke identified them, are confident that they are on a roll.
    • This has included horrible abuse from self-styled white supremacists.
    • In short, like the ideological crossover which enables white supremacists to quote songs associated with the radical left in the first place, they are uncertain, and they do not make their meaning clear instantly.
    • The communists and corporate supremacists don't want any limits on technology exports that could create weapons that one day might be used against this country.
    • The story of the curse was freely used by Christian ministers and priests to justify slavery right up to the 19th century, and is still used today by America's white supremacists.
    • Among other things, he claims a documentary he worked on in the 1980s was faked by ADL staffers posing, with fake names and mustaches, as white supremacists.
    • The same year that white supremacists bombed the Birmingham church, Howard Thurman wrote that a man who suffers ‘has to handle his suffering or be handled by it’.
    • The neo-fascists and white supremacists organized in groups like Hale's ‘Creativity’ movement are miniscule in number.