Translation of supreme in Spanish:


supremo, adj.

Pronunciation /suˈprim//suːˈpriːm/


  • 1

    (of highest authority)
    (power) supremo
    (authority) supremo
    (authority) sumo
    Supreme Commander Comandante Supremo / en jefe masculine
    • God, the supreme architect Dios, el Sumo Hacedor
    • Homer remains supreme among poets Homero sigue siendo el poeta supremo
    • You, therefore, are our supreme authority, and yet you are unaccountable to us.
    • Most traditional African religions believe in one supreme being who acts through spirits and ancestors.
    • No one author is considered the supreme authority.
    • The concept of sovereignty - that national governments exercise supreme authority within their own borders - is the bedrock of global order.
    • Would you be willing, as supreme commander, to share intelligence with Bulgaria?
    • The federal courts have long recognized that when it comes to waging war, the President, not Congress or the courts, is the supreme authority.
    • I think the Supreme Court, and indeed the Indian constitution, should be the supreme authority over interpretation of laws.
    • Although still nominally subject to the eastern empire, Odoacer as a result became the supreme authority in Italy.
    • The army followed the Military Code, which allowed it a direct path of communication to the president as the supreme authority of the armed forces.
    • If you wish to attempt to do so, you must bear in mind that a dictator is a ruler having absolute authority and supreme jurisdiction over the government of a state.
    • The commanders in chief exercised supreme authority in their respective zones and acted in concert on questions affecting the whole country.
    • The 1945 Constitution stipulates that the President holds supreme authority over the Army, Navy and Air Force.
    • He retired as supreme commander of the German armed forces in 1911, but re-entered the army in 1914.
    • Those political philosophies and religions that vest supreme authority in the individual are far more difficult to organize than those that can evoke some higher power.
    • In international law, dating from 1648, sovereignty is described as supreme authority over a territory, free from all external control.
    • It was also entirely possible, although I don't recall, that the president would also have to put his signature on a document as the supreme authority in the Niger regime.
    • Unity can be achieved only by maintaining a strict homogeneity of views or submission or subordination to a single authority, necessarily the supreme leader of the Communist Party.
    • The final third of the book is concerned with Ike's service as supreme commander.
    • All were open, written, sovereign authorizations by supreme authorities, and all employed a common medieval legal formula and language.
    • The boyars and their fortified towns submitted to Samuil's supreme authority.
  • 2

    (effort) supremo
    one of man's supreme achievements uno de los mayores logros del hombre
    • with supreme indifference/courage con la mayor / con suprema indiferencia/valentía
    • the supreme irony would be if … el colmo de la ironía sería que …
    • I've always found it a matter of supreme irony that she shares my name.
    • The ground was drenched in rain and bombarded by hailstones until it resembled an ice-rink and it took a supreme effort from the ground staff to restrict the time loss to 90 minutes.
    • York is one of a small number of English cities of supreme importance precisely because of its heritage.
    • With a supreme effort of will, she forced herself to examine her surroundings through the haze of pain that threatened to pull her back to the shadows she had recently departed.
    • The players put in a supreme effort and all the mentors and club members can be justly proud of their achievements.
    • The supreme irony of this is that there was a journalist in that crowd!
    • This could be because their problems are all going on inside their heads or they have made a supreme effort to hide their condition.
    • Rochdale's engineers made a supreme effort to help fight the war.
    • By a supreme irony, Pentheus is destroyed by the very qualities he denies.
    • I knew that holding the candy in her plump little hands all that time without unwrapping it represented a supreme effort of the will for my incurably chocoholic daughter.
    • Men will compete for the most supreme anecdote, joke, incident, or put down.
    • The court must keep in mind that solicitor-client privilege is both a principle of fundamental justice and a civil right of supreme importance in Canadian law.
    • It's a mighty piece of work and you should appreciate the supreme effort it's going to take you to get a copy of this because it is truly worth it.
    • He worked on productions with supreme confidence and authority.
    • I was lucky in that I already knew about half the people there, but it seemed very easy to wander up and talk to the ones I didn't know, primarily because of the supreme efforts of our host and his team of helpers to make us feel at home.
    • It takes a supreme effort from every player on a team to secure victory.
    • With a supreme effort of will, I manage to look away from the large mirror.
    • Coaches and athletes, some of them interviewed anonymously, say that after one supreme national effort, the hothouse intensity of the Chinese way will not survive the 2008 games.
    • The recipient summoned up the strength to write it down, even though it cost a supreme effort.
    • Anway, thanks to the supreme efforts of all those involved, it went well, and people seemed to enjoy themselves.