Translation of surcharge in Spanish:


recargo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsərˌtʃɑrdʒ//ˈsəːtʃɑːdʒ/


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    recargo masculine
    to impose a surcharge on sth aplicar un recargo a algo
    • import surcharge sobretasa de importación
    • I was saying though, that if you increase the Medicare surcharge, the government is able to increase rebates.
    • If the tax payment is still not made by 28 February, an additional surcharge of 5% on the outstanding balance is imposed.
    • The abolition of any tax is invariably a good thing and the abolition of an evil surcharge on superannuation retirement income funds is by definition an excellent decision.
    • However, the pricing structure will remain unchanged as Barclays will not levy any surcharge.
    • Up to that point the company had been adding a 7 percent fuel surcharge to cover the additional costs.
    • Road tax will be abolished and the loss of revenue will be compensated for with an additional surcharge on fuel.
    • The airlines introduced passenger fuel surcharges in May to help neutralise what were then record fuel prices.
    • If you're caught, your insurance surcharge will be much higher.
    • All prices are fully inclusive of taxes and the insurance surcharge.
    • The first part introduced a tax surcharge to induce high-income earners to purchase private health insurance.
    • Late payment surcharges will be applied in accordance with Section 3.1 of the Student Fee Regulations.
    • Again, I never bid on an item that only has Paypal payment and a hefty surcharge.
    • If the 10 per cent surcharge is added, the effective rate will be 27.5 per cent.
    • Plans for a £5 surcharge on speeding tickets to fund victim support services came under fire last night.
    • Low-cost carriers are also about to increase surcharges.
    • However, many virtual banks reimburse customers for ATM surcharges incurred, so you can make free withdrawals almost anywhere.
    • Clients who want all organic meat and vegetables can expect to pay a surcharge.
    • We use the surcharge to encourage faster payments, and it works.
    • An additional delivery surcharge (if applicable) is shown in parentheses next to the price.
    • The reduction in dividend tax and removal of surcharge on tax are welcome measures for manufacturing industries.

transitive verb

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    (person) aplicar un recargo a
    you may be surcharged tal vez le apliquen un recargo
    • the parcel was surcharged hubo que pagar un recargo por el paquete