Translation of sure in Spanish:


seguro, adj.

Pronunciation: /ʃʊə//ʃʊr//ˈʃʊrəst//ˈʃʊərə(r)//ʃɔː//ˈʃɔːrə(r)//ˈʃʊərɪst//ˈʃʊrər//ˈʃɔːrɪst/


  • 1

    to be sure about sth estar seguro de algo
    • to be sure of sth/sb estar seguro de algo/algn
    • are you sure about that? ¿estás seguro de eso?
    • are you quite sure about it? ¿estás absolutamente seguro?
    • I like it but I'm not too sure about the color me gusta, pero el color no me convence del todo
    • I'm sure (that) you're right estoy seguro de que tienes razón
    • I'm not sure I agree with you no sé si estoy de acuerdo contigo
    • I'm not sure who/why/what … no sé muy bien quién/por qué/qué …
    • he's not sure what he wants no sabe muy bien lo que quiere
    • he's not sure if he can come no sabe si va a poder venir
    • fascinating, I'm sure ¡interesantísimo, no cabe duda!
    • are you sure of your facts? ¿estás seguro de lo que dices?
    • I'm sure of one thing: he's a liar de una cosa estoy seguro / convencido: es un mentiroso
    • he seems very sure of victory parece muy seguro de que va a ganar
    • we can be sure of a good meal tenemos asegurada una buena comida
    • I want to be sure of getting there on time quiero asegurarme de que voy a llegar a tiempo
    • can we be sure of him? ¿podemos confiar en él?
    • to be sure of oneself (self-confident) ser seguro de sí mismo
    • I'm not really sure how to get around the problem, but I shall.
    • I was absolutely sure of myself, sure I was going to make him proud of me and I did.
    • This has been done keeping in mind the fact that fans of the game are often not too sure about the various positions of the players in the game.
    • I'm not even sure how to ask that question, let alone answer it.
    • He told me, as if he was absolutely sure of this fact.
    • I wasn't exactly sure how to respond to that.
    • Nobody was too sure what to say, so nobody said anything.
    • I was absolutely sure at that moment I would find myself staring at a big white Game Over.
    • He sounded absolutely sure of that fact, and I wanted to be.
    • He was sure of that, as sure as one is of being alive or of eating a piece of bread.
    • Nobody is entirely sure when exactly sheep turned up, but nobody's complaining.
    • Ryan wasn't exactly sure how to respond to that.
    • I'm not 100 percent sure how to tell my mother.
    • I wasn't exactly sure how to respond to her comment.
    • I'm opting for the ninny option but I'm not sure Bill is so convinced.
    • She came home, sure of a good number of those questions, not as sure about several others.
    • I wasn't entirely sure how to react to her and that made no sense.
    • I'm not sure of his objections but I'm sure, if we try, we can reach agreement to our mutual satisfaction.
    • We all feel very confident and more sure that we are right with every day that passes.
    • She felt confident and sure, and the music surging through her enticed her attention.
    • The new Public Service Act lists them explicitly, a sure sign that their survival is threatened.
    • Teague scowled, and his wings pressed closer to his back, a sure sign of agitation.
    • It should be a sure sign of good summer fishing just around the corner.
    • I know it's a sure sign of getting older, but I just do not get Yu-Gi-Oh!
    • It is a sure sign of mirth when the beards of the guests shake with laughter.
    • Besides those two, the club does have a few sure bets for success.
    • For her, the one-legged cow was a sure sign of the upcoming erosion of moral ecology.
    • I could see Gareth's head turning crimson, a sure sign of confusion and/or stress.
    • Some give up - a sure sign that they are not meant for priesthood.
    • Dimitrova said that consumption of high-tech goods was rising, which was a sure sign of higher income.
    • I delight in such juicy characters and put Bath's book down wanting more of them - a sure sign of a great read.
    • It lacks the usually sure sense of design that Conran brings.
    • The one sure sign of true love is when the man gives the woman the last bite of food.
    • My brother's Jeep was in the driveway, a sure sign for destruction.
    • In some towns old buildings have been demolished and replaced with monstrous modern carbuncles, a sure sign of shelling.
    • Then it went dead, a sure sign that the raid had been a success.
    • There are even phantom sightings, a sure sign that panic is on the rise.
    • If you see yourself denouncing jealousy you see in others, it's a sure sign that you yourself are still plagued by it.
    • Evidence of derelict buildings being refurbished at council expense are a sure sign of the nature of the trust.
    • The spoiler has morphed with lightning speed, a sure sign of this publishing event's place in the culture.
    • Knowing this as a sure sign of water below, the youth and his brothers returned to the same place and dug the layers of time away.
  • 2

    one thing is sure: he's lying lo que está claro / lo que es seguro es que está mintiendo
    • victory is sure la victoria está asegurada
    • it's sure to rain seguro que llueve
    • she's sure to be there seguro que va a estar allí
    • be sure to let me know no dejes de avisarme
    • be sure not to touch it no lo vayas a tocar
    • to make sure of sth asegurarse de algo
    • I think I've got everything, but I'll just make sure creo que lo tengo todo pero voy a asegurarme / a cerciorarme
    • have you made sure of a hotel when you arrive? ¿has hecho una reserva en un hotel para cuando llegues?
    • make sure (that) you're not late no vayas a llegar tarde
    • sure thing
    • it's a sure thing they'll find out no cabe duda que lo descubrirán
    • his latest movie is a sure thing su última película tiene el éxito asegurado
    • as interjection sure thing! ¡claro (que sí)!
  • 3

    (accurate, reliable)
    (remedy/method) seguro
    (aim/judgment) certero
    (indication) claro
    (ground) seguro
    she has a sure grasp of the issues conoce estos temas a la perfección
    • with a sure touch con mano segura
  • 4

    for sure
    • we don't know anything for sure no sabemos nada seguro / con seguridad
    • we'll win for sure seguro que ganamos
    • I'm not lending him money again and that's for sure! ten por seguro que no le vuelvo a prestar dinero
    • to be sure por cierto
    • it could be improved on, to be sure, but … se podría mejorar, por cierto, pero …
    • as interjection why, it's Patrick, to be sure! ¡anda, mira quien está aquí, si es Patrick!


  • 1

    (of course)
    por supuesto
    sure she loves you por supuesto / claro que te quiere
    • he'll help you — oh, sure he will! él te ayudará — sí, ¡seguro!
    • may I join you? — sure, sit down! ¿me permites? — ¡claro que sí / no faltaría más / por supuesto, siéntate!
  • 2

    (it's true that)
    sure, he's a great guy, but … es cierto que es un gran tipo, pero …
  • 3

    sure enough efectivamente
    • and sure enough, he was late y efectivamente / en efecto, llegó tarde
    • it's their car sure enough efectivamente / en efecto, es su coche
  • 4informal

    she sure is clever, she's sure clever ¡si será lista!
    • he sure likes to talk ¡cómo le gusta hablar!
    • he sure could use a bath! no le vendría mal darse un baño
    • do you like it? — I sure do! ¿te gusta? — ¡ya lo creo!
    • as sure as I'm standing here, he stole it él lo robó, como que me llamo Ana (/ Juan etc. )