Translation of surely in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɔːli//ˈʃʊrli//ˈʃʊəli/


  • 1

    • 1.1(expressing conviction)

      surely the real problem is … el verdadero problema, digo yo / me parece a mí, es …
      • surely she doesn't mean that! ¡no puede ser que lo diga en serio!
      • surely I've met you somewhere before? nos conocemos de algún sitio ¿no?
      • this situation surely can't go on está claro que las cosas no pueden seguir así
      • Such beliefs surely had deeper roots than the experience of war in North America.
      • Those who endured the recent count would surely favour it on grounds of speed and convenience.
      • This may or not be so, but in a debate about changing the law to make it more effective, it is surely the wrong emphasis.
      • Even if readers were aware, the extraordinary importance of the allegation surely merits emphasis.
      • If this is true, surely each outlet should be doing all it can to ensure holiday-makers make return visits.
      • That indeed may well be true but rather than finessing this issue it should surely be addressing it head on.
      • True devotees surely know that there can be no compromise with them.
      • However, his tremendous form so far this season must surely have surprised even his biggest admirers.
      • If that is not the case, then unearthing the true motive is surely someone else's job.
      • If that is the case, then the Minister will surely be able to assure the House of that particular fact.
      • There is surely an opening here for new private firms to come in and show the established operators how it could be done.
      • His views on the proper basicality of belief in God surely do not commit him to thinking that faith and reason conflict.
      • Were that true, extra troops should surely be sent to boost security.
      • Those to whom a well struck word rings out straight and true will surely be aware that disenable is not a real word.
      • For all that, surely people should be able to talk about their fundamental beliefs.
      • If it is reflected in all aspects of nature, surely it must be true for the Great Spirit.
      • If better diagnosis is an acceptable reason for the rising rates of autism then surely the converse is true.
      • Today, as all recent Old Firm managers of substance have done, he will surely deliver a trophy in his first season.
      • He had been warned twice, it is true, for running onto the pitch but it would surely have been worthwhile risking him.
      • If this is true, surely it has its own rights, including the right to live.

    • 1.2(expressing uncertainty)

      he must be mistaken, surely? tiene que estar equivocado ¿no?
      • surely there must be somewhere we can go tiene que haber algún sitio donde podamos ir

    • 1.3(expressing disbelief)

      surely you don't believe that! ¡no te creerás eso!
      • you're not going to tell her, surely? no se lo irás a decir ¿verdad?
      • she says she's leaving — surely not! dice que se va — ¡no es posible! / ¡no puede ser!
      • it was 3,000 — 1,000, surely? fueron 3.000 — ¿no eran 1.000?

  • 2

    (undoubtedly, certainly)
    sin duda
    this must surely be one of the worst movies ever made esta es seguramente / sin duda una de las peores películas de la historia
    • they will surely win the election no cabe duda de que ganarán las elecciones
    • If Tech had undershot the target they would crash in the forest and they would all surely die.
    • If we do not we will surely fail our patients, the public, and ourselves.
    • If he didn't hurry, there would be nowhere to hide, and he and Anne would surely die.
    • This is praise indeed from the IMF, and it is surely a firm indication that all is by no means lost.
    • Her presence would have surely made certain that some things happened and certain things did not.
    • We realised that without help it would surely die, as it was getting weaker by the day.
    • White House reporters will surely have been relieved to learn that Canberra's tap water is drinkable.
    • True democracy surely involves a combination of participation and representation.
    • Having a dog or cat around the house will surely bring animal lovers a lot of smiles.
    • She wanted no home, but she knew that if she continued, he would surely die out here.
    • Will would surely die if this boy didn't have any information about his dear Elizabeth.
    • If they don't do this they are surely failing in their duties of surveillance.
    • It might not be good news for certain companies, but it surely is a boon for consumers.
    • People say that the greatest geniuses are always the most troubled and this is surely true of comedians.
    • Yes, this will surely fail but we have to be careful that he doesn't try it again.
    • With the soft ground in his favour, he will surely be hard to beat.
    • This was surely partly because the election result is indeed all but certain.
    • Anything that does not succeed in completing this cycle will surely fail on this planet.
    • At the same time, these methods surely contain certain errors and assumptions.
    • I've been trying to look out for it and will surely die if I miss it again.
  • 3

    (gladly, willingly)
    por supuesto
    desde luego
    surely, I'd be glad to por supuesto / desde luego, me encantaría