Translation of surf in Spanish:


olas, n.

Pronunciation /səːf//sərf/


  • 1

    (feminine plural) (waves) olas
    (swell) oleaje masculine
    • The idea of sharing Christmas cheer surrounded by warm sands and crashing surf sounded wonderfully alluring.
    • Then we'd take a swim in the crashing surf before hiking back to our kayaks.
    • We see the surf pounding on the rocks below in the moonlight as Barnabas continues.
    • We just stand there, listening to the thundering surf.
    • They had come just to watch the surf pounding in here right now.
    • Their maiden rescue saw six volunteers saving a troubled fisherman in rough surf and gale-force wind.
    • With a roar of surf, the wave struck the beach and raced inland toward them.
    • On the northeast coast, there were reports of massive waves and thundering surf.
    • He paused and listened, and it reminded him of breaking surf.
    • After that came some reading and napping on the beach and then much frolicking in the rough surf.
    • All he wants is someplace warm, where palm trees blow in balmy breezes along a gentle, rolling surf.
    • You hear the pounding surf and see a cluster of cartoonish grass huts sprouting in the distance.
    • She sat in her chamber, listening to the fall of surf on an interior beach.
    • The game is played in the surf, in rough surf with decent booming waves.
    • They formed pairs, walking off in individual directions toward the rolling surf.
    • Occasionally, we could hear surf breaking on the reef that surrounded us.
    • The thundering surf around the jutting piers of Pacific Ocean Park is the favoured playground of these washed-out youngsters.
    • He looks over the pounding surf with an evil smile, and then we hear him thinking.
    • You'll see one of them disappear under the pounding surf for 8 seconds before resurfacing.
    • Surrounded by crashing surf, there is no place on its perimeter to land a boat.


  • 2

    espuma feminine

intransitive verb


  • 1

    hacer surf
    hacer surfing

transitive verb


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    navegar en
    to surf the Internet/Web navegar / surfear en / por Internet/la web