Translation of surf 'n' turf in Spanish:

surf 'n' turf

Pronunciation /ˈsərf ən ˌtərf/



  • 1

    plato de mariscos y carne masculine
    plato de mar y montaña masculine Spain
    • We eventually delivered their surf and turf for the next day's dinner.
    • There's never been a shortage of restaurants on the Oregon coast, most of which cater to tourists with menus heavy on chowder, burgers, and surf and turf.
    • Black pudding may be a staple of the classic northern English fry-up but in recent years it has had a glamorous makeover as our chefs team it with fish and seafood in a very upmarket take on surf and turf.
    • This flavorful way of eating burgers brings new meaning to surf and turf.