Translation of surfboard in Spanish:


tabla de surf, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsəːfbɔːd//ˈsərfbɔrd/


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    tabla de surf feminine
    tabla de surfing feminine
    • When I was that kid I couldn't wait to get a surfboard, go to Hawaii, and get lost in the surfing life.
    • Throughout the next four decades a number of different approaches and experiments were applied to surfboards.
    • As with shaping or glassing surfboards, there is nothing like trying it yourself for a truly humbling experience.
    • The beach butlers also can arrange for Boogie boards and surfboards if you'd rather stay atop the waves.
    • We used to live in Yup Central, and every spring there would be discarded surfboards on certain trash days.
    • At each stop locals can meet the professionals, borrow 10 brand new surfboards to surf with their heroes, or try new stunts at the portable skate ramp.
    • Since I was on a bodyboard and he was on a surfboard, he could cover a little more distance.
    • I ride my Paipos or handboards, and the kids ride surfboards that I have shaped.
    • Since surfboards are the key element in what we do we'll start there.
    • Since the first auction in 2001, there was an apparent shift in collectors' interest to surfboards from the 1970s.
    • It was during this period that Zuma started getting a lot of surfboards.
    • Find an old surfboard that is big for your size and floats you well.
    • First came surfboards, and right on the heels of that came surf trunks and wetsuits.
    • Use a lot of strength in this maneuver, so as to spear the surfboard through the wave.
    • He experienced the best and the worst of Pipeline with a perfect 10, a handful of hideous wipeouts and broken surfboards.
    • The thieves got away with six wetsuits, an expensive surfboard, a mountain bike and a mountain board, designed to be towed along beaches by a kite.
    • The sand is black, it was very hot and sunny and if we had taken a surfboard we could have surfed on the waves.
    • The guys finished their night surfing and ran into their house with their surfboards under their arms.
    • The shack was filled with surfboards and a few odd skim boards.
    • Some would have you believe that certain surfboards, wetsuits, trunks, or sunglasses make you 22 forever.