Translation of surge in Spanish:


Pronunciation /səːdʒ//sərdʒ/


  • 1

    the surge of the sea la fuerza del oleaje
    • a surge of people una oleada de gente
    • I was carried along by the surge of the crowd me vi arrastrada por una marea de gente
    • he felt a surge of anger sintió que lo invadía un sentimiento de ira
    • we felt a new surge of hope sentimos renacer nuestras esperanzas
    • a surge in demand/sales un repentino aumento de la demanda/las ventas
    • a power surge una subida de tensión / de voltaje
  • 2literary

    ola feminine
    • This caused a surge forward, and small groups of protesters began pushing up against the police riot shields.
    • A tidal surge of five to ten feet is preceding the normal high tides, which are happening at the same time.
    • He tosses it beyond a breaking wave, and it bobs and sinks in the maelstrom of receding water colliding with the next surge of the tide.
    • The hurricane pounded the shore with 100-mile-an-hour winds, torrential rain, and tidal surges more than six feet high.
    • The surge forward as the car rockets away down the road is a serious g-force event.
    • At this time of year, monsoons in the area cause tidal surges and high waves.
    • Rita is driving massive storm surges and bringing with it torrential rainfall.
    • Then there is a surge as the crowd changes direction.
    • The traffic light changed, the traffic cop motioned for the crowd to cross, there was a surge forward, and suddenly the whole tone of the demonstration changed.
    • The only serious injury was sustained by a club steward who fell down stairs at the stadium during a crowd surge.
    • They hang on precariously on to the vehicle and their job is to ensure that anyone who gets close to the leader does not end up falling on him or her due to the surge of the crowd from behind.
    • If you go down Brigade Road, you can only inch forwards, pushed on by the surge of the crowd.
    • During the hurricane, the one-story bar was swamped by the tidal surge.
    • The banks are still perforated in places by flapped devices which allow the outflow of rainwater at low tide, while preventing inundation by the incoming tidal surge.
    • Grace and Mark entered with the surge of the crowd.
    • Monstrous storms descend from the Artic circle, blanketing Europe in snow, sending a tidal surge across the US east coast, and flattening the west.
    • A seawall at Herrington was broached by the surge, destroying large sections of docks.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (wave) levantarse
    (sea) hincharse
    the crowd surged out through the gates la gente salió en tropel por las puertas
    • anger/hatred surged up inside her la ira/el odio la invadió / se apoderó de ella
    • to surge ahead tomar la delantera
    • to surge ahead of sb adelantársele a algn
  • 2

    (increase sharply)
    (demand/sales/popularity) aumentar vertiginosamente