Translation of surgical in Spanish:


quirúrgico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsəːdʒɪk(ə)l//ˈsərdʒək(ə)l/


  • 1

    (instruments/treatment) quirúrgico
    surgical dressing vendaje quirúrgico masculine
    • surgical gauze gasa esterilizada
    • surgical knife bisturí
    • Patients should be cautioned that surgical treatment may not resolve pain.
    • Operations are sometimes referred to as surgery, or surgical procedures.
    • In 1999, our staff of volunteers included five RNs, one surgical technologist, and one sales representative.
    • The title of the appointment was rather meaningless as he soon had his own surgical wards, where his skills in intestinal surgery and liver resection were legendary.
    • The mass was large enough to cause a second obstruction at the same site and necessitated a second surgical operation.
    • We performed every kind of surgery in the surgical unit, including cesarean sections.
    • By the age of six months, the cartilage is too hard to be remoulded and a surgical operation is required.
    • The work group consisted of one RN and one surgical technologist from each specialty area.
    • There are no randomized prospective studies available comparing expectant management to early surgical intervention.
    • The operation is a surgical procedure performed using general anaesthetic and, like all surgery, carries a degree of risk.
    • This is the most common method and does not involve a surgical operation.
    • These include cuts in waiting times for cataract operations, an improved critical care unit, better surgical wards and improvements to the day surgery and treatment unit.
    • A new surgical procedure involving electrical stimulation may help restore the use of hands and arms to some stroke victims.
    • To minimize the surgeons' potential effect on functional outcomes, they all agreed to use the same surgical technique.
    • He travelled to another country, where a second surgical resection of his liver metastasis was successful.
    • Early consultation is essential, and prompt surgical intervention may be required.
    • A doctor could determine tumor type, provide an immediate diagnosis and administer treatment such as surgical resection or irradiation.
    • Still, new surgical techniques and better drugs to prevent islet cell rejection are showing promise.
    • The bill does not require the outcomes of the operations of approved surgical facilities to be reported.
    • Early surgical excision is the treatment of choice.
  • 2

    (stocking/boot) ortopédico
    surgical appliance aparato ortopédico masculine
    • A surgical bra must be worn post-op for two weeks or more, though you can usually return to work in seven to 14 days.
    • In the UK, an appliance means a surgical garment allowing hernia sufferers to walk about unaided.