Translation of surplus in Spanish:


excedente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsəːpləs//ˈsərpləs/


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    (of produce, stock) excedente masculine
    (of funds) superávit masculine
    food surpluses excedentes de alimentos
    • operating surplus utilidades de explotación
    • a balance-of-trade surplus un superávit en la balanza de pagos
    • None of this would have been possible without the development of agriculture and the capacity to produce a surplus of food that could be supplied to a sector of the population that was no longer responsible for feeding itself.
    • Where the assets exceed the financial needs of both parties, why should the surplus belong solely to the husband?
    • He said the distribution of the surplus basically amounted to a political and democratic choice.
    • Some have had surpluses at the end of each year.
    • If the projected surpluses evaporated - and of course they have - the tax cuts should be suspended.
    • Given the Reds' surplus of outfielders, the idea of trading Griffey is not preposterous.
    • Since the 1950s, the United States has been running an agricultural trade surplus with the rest of the world.
    • State schools have suffered budget cuts as the surpluses in many state treasuries have quickly turned into nasty deficits.
    • The country's large current account surplus has also continued to grow against a backdrop of steadily deteriorating global growth.
    • West Germany was running a huge current account surplus, interest rates were low and the economy was booming.
    • The subsidized production and export of U.S. food surpluses to developing countries is a major cause of hunger.
    • The federal government has been running huge budget surpluses for years, with more to come.
    • A series of deductions is made from it that tends to turn the surplus into a deficit.
    • One reason is that Japan has a deep domestic savings pool and a massive current-account surplus.
    • The economic contraction succeeded in generating the large trade surpluses needed to make debt payments.
    • Using this approach shows a large surplus of housing supply, in contrast with the Inspector's finding of a small shortfall.
    • He said Indonesia did not need to import shrimp as the nation had a production surplus.
    • It has already suggested that farmers could be paid for maintaining the traditional landscape rather than for producing surpluses of cheap food by intensive methods.
    • For 2000, the current account surplus is likely to be a record 4.4 per cent of national output.
    • This meant food surpluses had to be produced at home.
    • After inheriting a new classroom and curriculum, I found myself with the challenge of incorporating a huge surplus of supplies into a new class structure.
    • Each year, the continent generates an export surplus of approximately five million tons.
    • However, the full benefit only applies to surpluses in excess of €100,000.
    • He further said the narrowing surplus in the current account resulted from a narrowing surplus in the investment income account.
    • The notion that equity pre-funding financed by on-budget surpluses can increase capital accumulation buys into the fallacies that have driven policies of fiscal austerity.
    • As for food, farms are the only way to get it, but farms not only produce a surplus of food, they also support your existing army.
    • In the West, a surplus of food supply has made obesity the main concern of adults, and slimness has been regarded as a symbol of health and beauty.
    • After all the prizes have been met, the surplus is spent on things which will benefit all staff members, such as creating picnic and leisure areas.
    • The most important actor in the development and expansion of this global food regime has been the US, which, at the end of the Second World War, was producing large food surpluses.
    • Currently none of the water stored in the reservoirs is used for irrigation, and the region enjoys a surplus of water supply.
    • This amount would decrease the surplus to slightly more than $100,000.
    • Far from overflowing with a surplus of meaning, upon careful examination they display a deficit of meaning.
    • It has $125 million of surplus of assets over liabilities.
    • Hunter-gatherer societies don't produce enough food surpluses to support those extra people.
    • The treasurer in his report showed that the finances had a surplus at the end of the year.
    • One team with a surplus of pitching needs a center fielder.
    • As global tobacco production increases and consumption falls in the developed countries, the production surplus will aggressively seek developing country markets.
    • The decline of ostrich farming led to a rush into grape production and a surplus of fruit.
    • Watch for government spending to rise rapidly while the surplus disappears and interest rates fall.
    • To be sure, the commitment was to some extent self-serving, in that food programs were designed to use up the surpluses produced by American agriculture.


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    (goods/stocks) excedente
    they need to use up their surplus energy necesitan gastar la energía que les sobra
    • shed surplus pounds with this new diet plan pierda esos kilos de más con este nuevo régimen
    • to be surplus to requirements estar de más