Translation of surprise in Spanish:


sorpresa, n.

Pronunciation /sə(r)ˈpraɪz//səˈprʌɪz/


  • 1

    sorpresa feminine
    imagine my surprise when I opened the parcel imagínate la sorpresa que me llevé cuando abrí el paquete
    • a look of surprise una mirada sorprendida / de sorpresa
    • oh!, he said, in some surprise ¡oh! —dijo, algo sorprendido
    • to my surprise para mi sorpresa
  • 2

    (thing, event)
    sorpresa feminine
    (gift/packet) (before noun) (invariable adjective) sorpresa
    what a surprise to see you here! ¡qué sorpresa verte por aquí!
    • the result was / came as something of a surprise el resultado fue en cierto modo una sorpresa
    • it's no surprise to me that she won no me sorprende que haya ganado
    • to give sb a surprise darle una sorpresa a algn
    • there's a surprise in store for you ya verás la que te espera
    • he rang to say he'd be late — surprise, surprise! llamó para decir que iba a llegar tarde — ¡qué sorpresa!
    • after their surprise defeat in Wednesday's game … después de la inesperada derrota del miércoles pasado …
    • a surprise party una fiesta sorpresa
  • 3

    (catching sb unprepared)
    (attack/visit) (invariable adjective) (before noun) sorpresa

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) sorprender
    it would not surprise me to learn that he was a divorcé no me sorprendería que fuera divorciado
    • I was surprised by his vehemence su vehemencia me sorprendió
    • The researchers were pleasantly surprised to find 56 more gorillas.
    • He was surprised at the feelings Kate had provoked in him since he'd met her the previous day.
    • On the train I ask the chatty parent whether he was surprised at the appointment of a woman.
    • I was quite surprised to discover how this improved my own reading concentration.
    • Needless to say, I was somewhat surprised by this reaction.
    • She was hardly surprised to see Carden laughing as if he had never been mad.
    • He looked around at the furnishings of the cell, and was mildly surprised for a moment.
    • I was very surprised by the result.
    • A lot of people are actually very surprised to hear that they are in any way unusual.
    • Many people are very surprised to hear this.
    • Time and again the team were surprised by positive responses to this approach.
    • Her recommendations are surprising in light of the findings in the body of the report.
    • We were all a bit surprised to hear that Shay was a horse person.
    • Devon didn't look surprised by my outburst.
    • Keanu looked up to the sky and was pleasantly surprised to see the hawk.
    • What would your fans be surprised to know about you?
    • I was pleasantly surprised to see it reviewed in USA Today, this morning.
    • Tommy is somewhat surprised by her frosty reaction as she turns and leads the way inside without a word.
    • You'd be surprised what those ladies know about what's going on.
    • For some reason, I am not surprised by this revelation.
  • 2

    (catch unawares)
    (guard/enemy) sorprender
    (guard/enemy) pillar desprevenido
    (enemy/guard) agarrar desprevenido
    (guard/enemy) coger desprevenido Spain
    • When they got in they could then surprise the occupants, catching them off guard easily.
    • An aircraft would on many occasions surprise a surfaced U-boat and attack it with both cannon fire and depth charges.
    • As Ralph, Piggy, and the remaining boys sit on the beach, some of the hunters surprise them and ambush them.
    • To be able to surprise the U.S. military, they will try to learn more about it than the military knows about itself.
    • Information that is not tracked could later surprise the Army on the battlefield.