Translation of surrender in Spanish:


rendir, v.

Pronunciation: /səˈrɛndə//səˈrɛndər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (arms/town) rendir
    (arms/town) entregar
  • 2formal

    (hand over)
    (ticket/document) entregar
  • 3

    (right/claim) renunciar a

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (army/soldier) rendirse
    to surrender to sb entregarse a algn
    • he surrendered to the police se entregó a la policía
    • he had not surrendered to idleness no se había dejado vencer por la pereza

reflexive verb

  • 1

    (idleness/indulgence) dejarse vencer por
    just surrender yourself to the music déjate llevar por la música


  • 1

    rendición feminine
    capitulación feminine
    • With no emperor, there would be no one with the authority to surrender.
    • It is an example of a leader and a party that will surrender the right of this country to make decisions according to its own values and its own judgments.
    • The singer surrendered to authorities in Santa Barbara, California, this past week.
    • However, he was a soldier true at heart and would never surrender without resisting with all the means at his disposal.
    • Concerns, comments, discussions, and debates must be welcome and be out in the open, so that we do not surrender our rights once again.
    • We have surrendered the rights of majority to appease minorities.
    • Noriega eventually surrendered voluntarily to U.S. authorities.
    • To frighten the people sufficiently that they will gladly surrender their individual rights and those of their neighbors for the promise of security, you have to atomize them.
    • Will they be satisfied if the Territories be unconditionally surrendered to them?
    • Some of these organizations caused their opponents serious discomfiture and served notice that the landlords were not going to surrender their rights and privileges without a fight.
    • If you're going to surrender your passport, you can't leave the country.
    • They never surrender without a fight, and the review process will add to their armoury.
    • Farmers sought the protection of powerful lords and in return surrendered certain rights and control over their lands.
    • They surrendered peacefully to police after demanding asylum and meeting a United Nations representative.
    • The day of his accident, Glover had signed the waiver, surrendering any right to sue the company.
    • Any such rights were surrendered the moment an attack was carried out.
    • He thus surrendered his rights to claim severance pay and termination pay pursuant to the procedure under the ESA.
    • By late September, NATO seeks to gather 3,300 weapons voluntarily surrendered by the rebel National Liberation Army.
    • I thought they had already surrendered all rights to privacy.
    • In 1931, the French Government was forced to surrender its rights of jurisdiction to the local government.
    • The criteria they appear to be using is that any nation that either actively sponsors, gives shelter to or ‘turns a blind eye’ to terrorist activities effectively surrenders its sovereign rights.
    • This isn't a war against an enemy that will surrender and move on.
    • Though the garrison surrendered without much of a fight, many were still put to the sword.
    • Charles would never have surrendered his divine right.
    • Two days later, on May 2, 1945, all enemy forces in Italy surrendered unconditionally.
    • The suit demanded that Seaman surrender the rights to 374 photos he took of the Lennon family and pay unspecified damages.
    • Women are seized and only released when a male relative wanted by the authorities surrenders.
    • On shore the British moved against the armoured brigade which soon surrendered with the loss of one life.
    • In 1940, the Belgian army surrendered to the invading Germans.
    • It all hinges on whether artists are considered to be employees of the labels, and as such obliged to surrender copyright automatically to their labels.
    • An indigenous society cannot, as it were, surrender its rights by modifying its way of life.
    • The policy, while savage, often meant the next towns along the way would surrender rather than resist.
    • At the sight of tank guns, the seemingly stubborn occupants surrendered almost immediately without a fight.
    • The Japanese refused to unconditionally surrender to allied forces.
    • Enemy soldiers can also surrender and go home as civilians as soon as the war is over.
    • Now, the merciless enemy commander wants to surrender.
    • He was severely wounded during the fighting and was arrested once the rebels had surrendered.
    • Attorneys later took up his appeal on the grounds that he had surrendered his rights under duress.
    • Six confessed militants who surrendered to authorities under a government amnesty in July have since been released.
    • The more infrastructure destroyed, the more quickly the enemy is willing to surrender, or so the theory goes.
  • 2

    I call that a surrender to pressure from the right para mí eso es claudicar ante las presiones de la derecha
    • in passionate surrender en una entrega apasionada
  • 3formal

    (handing over)
    (of passport, document) entrega feminine
    (of rights) renuncia feminine
    surrender of property cesión de bienes