Translation of surround in Spanish:


rodear, v.

Pronunciation: /səˈraʊnd//səˈraʊnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person/place) rodear
    the house is surrounded by trees la casa está rodeada de árboles
    • the garden was surrounded by a fence el jardín estaba cercado por una valla
    • he was immediately surrounded by his bodyguards inmediatamente lo rodearon sus guardaespaldas
    • we are surrounded by so much beauty estamos rodeados de tanta belleza
    • surrounded by her family rodeada de su familia
    • mystery surrounds the events leading up to his death los acontecimientos que llevaron a su muerte están rodeados de / envueltos en misterio
  • 2

    (enemy/position) rodear
    (enemy/position) cercar
    we've got you surrounded te tenemos rodeado / cercado


  • 1

    marco masculine
    the fire surround el faldón de la chimenea
    • The kidnappers were soon surrounded by police in some place just south of Beijing.
    • The barn on the property was surrounded by police officers drawing their weapons.
    • Workers besiege police barracks and surround the paratroopers attacking the soldiers, arguing with them.
    • Armed police had to surround their house in order to facilitate their release.
    • Armed police officers surrounded it in the early hours, calling on him to come out and give himself up, but he refused.
    • Several militants who escaped the storming of school were in a nearby house surrounded by troops.
    • Indeed, as the two key players left, they were immediately surrounded by the bodyguards.
    • After mothers were taken out of the plant, children were left surrounded by riot police.
    • The rally was closely surrounded by the police and a helicopter from above.
    • The club was literally surrounded by police forces, including mobile armed units of the patrol service Scut.
    • When they do take place they are surrounded by riot police and attacked by security police.
    • The car was quickly surrounded by police and the captain approached the driver to handle the tense situation.
    • I arrived at work one evening to find the place surrounded by police cars, flashing lights, cordon, the works.
    • Police surround the house as Lex steps out of his car and heads for the front door.
    • Anyone who tries to steal it will be captured inside - and instantly surrounded by police
    • The premises were surrounded by armed police and firefighters put on standby to release the three employees.
    • The place was surrounded by the police and the crowd of bystanders discussed the events.
    • It was finally surrounded by police marksman who were forced to shoot it after repeated attempts to calm it failed.
    • Eventually the driver turned up to find his car taped off and surrounded by police and RAF personnel.
    • The jet was surrounded by police and commandos but there was no indication of the number of hijackers.
    • Not only is it surrounded by mountains but it also enjoys a mild climate.
    • All the main buildings are well spaced out and immediately surrounded by mature landscaped gardens.
    • Each consisted of a single walled town surrounded by countryside, which might include villages.
    • Would you be negative about the area if you were surrounded by countryside like this?
    • The house was surrounded by tall trees and stubby bushes.
    • The historic Victorian buildings are surrounded by trees, flowerbeds and lawns.
    • The sides of the fish have beautiful red spots surrounded by a pale halo.
    • They stood by a lake surrounded by tall brown mountains on one end and thick trees on the other.
    • The grounds which surround the development will be landscaped to include a barbecue, children's playground, a fountain and green spaces.
    • I'm now living on an island surrounded by a moat.
    • There's a town hall, plenty of churches, a cinema, a few supermarkets and a lot of countryside surrounding it.
    • They were instantly surrounded by a glowing white aura.
    • The house itself was finished some time ago, but the pair have continued to work on it and the grounds which surround it.
    • Restaurants, bars and hotels could surround the water.
    • The barren grounds that surrounded the old house gave it an imperial look.
    • The town is almost entirely surrounded by a ring of fire.
    • There will be no parking at the ground or in surrounding streets.
    • They thrive off of human interaction, they love company, they love to talk to people, to socialize, to surround themselves with people.
    • They were now surrounded on all sides by a ring of excited, curious faces.
    • The island was surrounded by a moat with steep and slippery red clay sides.