Translation of surroundings in Spanish:


alrededores, n.

Pronunciation /səˈraʊndɪŋz//səˈraʊndɪŋz/

plural noun

  • 1

    (of town, village)
    alrededores masculine
    aledaños masculine
    • Here you can hone your skills in immaculate surroundings before stepping out onto the real thing.
    • Experience the scariest night of the year in the spooky surroundings of Lancaster Castle.
    • The surroundings were too lush and green to be a desert but the imagination did the rest.
    • They stood on the steps together in familiar surroundings underneath the railway arches.
    • Beaches and their surroundings are places where people jump in at the deep end.
    • As a result many York children continue to be taught in grim, damp, cramped surroundings.
    • As well as the beauty of the surroundings, there was another benefit to the site.
    • Whatever is done we will try to ensure that the site blends in with its surroundings.
    • This helps them to become familiar with the people and the surroundings at the dental surgery.
    • The dreary concrete surroundings will be replaced by marble floors and terracotta walls.
    • As we left the picturesque surroundings of the bay, John gave us our briefing.
    • If people took pride in their surroundings they wouldn't drop litter in the first place.
    • Householders should avoid disturbing the surroundings when setting traps or baits.
    • It was in the park's elegant surroundings that the couple celebrated a year of going out together.
    • Every single element of his surroundings when he had first heard the news was frozen in his memory.
    • Imagine my amazement and chagrin when I saw the statue and surroundings in such a state of neglect.
    • After a turbulent first few months, he finally feels comfortable in his new surroundings.
    • Explorers really do seem to develop a stronger bond with their surroundings.
    • She was well liked by her new neighbours and settled very well in her new surroundings.
    • As the days grew shorter, we got a totally different view of the house and its surroundings.
  • 2

    ambiente masculine
    entorno masculine
    a house in beautiful surroundings una casa en el marco de un hermoso paisaje
    • it changes color to blend with its surroundings cambia de color para mimetizarse con su entorno