Translation of surtax in Spanish:


recargo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsəːtaks//ˈsərˌtæks/


  • 1

    recargo masculine
    sobretasa feminine
    • If we are to have this quaint surtax on upward mobility, at least let's make it open and a boon to the community at large.
    • More than $50,000 in net taxable income is subject to an additional 3.35% surtax.
    • The Liberal budget reduced personal income, capital gains and corporate tax rates, and announced the phased elimination of a surtax on higher income Canadians, but it made no mention of the regressive Goods and Services Tax.
    • One has to wonder whether the Labour Party remembers who put the surtax on, who brought in asset testing against the elderly, and who removed the elderly as a priority from hospital waiting lists.
    • Recently Mayor Pierre Bourque announced that the surtax on Montreal's downtown parking lots should be raised by 10 per cent.
    • During World War II, we had surtaxes, not tax cuts.
    • The surtax of 45 per cent to alleviate unemployment drove a wedge between rural France and Paris, further fuelling class tensions.
    • They are supported mainly by transfers - a surtax on West German income that is transferred to the East Germans.
    • The announcement of a 15 per cent surtax on cigarettes, oysters and live swine from the United States came Thursday, just as the European Union took similar measures.
    • One idea is a new surtax on production that would rise each year until the sum of royalties plus the surtax would equal 50%.
    • There is no draft to provide soldiers for the war, there is no income tax surtax to pay for the war, and neither is even remotely likely.
    • It's actually the same as if someone asked the City Council wherever Scalia lives to impose a special surtax on Scalia's property.
    • He was part of an administration that sold public assets and ruthlessly broke firm electoral pledges, such as that on the superannuation surtax.
    • Sure, I remember the surtax Congress imposed to support the rich.
    • It increased the surtax to the highest level ever.
    • We are referring, of course, to the superannuation surtax and the actual level of superannuation payments.
    • For 2002, the 5-percent surtax, which phases out the benefit of the graduated rates, and the tax rates exceeding 50 percent are repealed.
    • In many states a temporary surtax on personal income taxes is probably the optimal answer, when contingency funds are inadequate and prudent spending reductions have been exhausted.
    • The province has the second-highest income tax rate on corporations and small businesses and the highest surtaxes on high-income earners.
    • He raised school taxes and brought in a new surtax on expensive homes and vehicles.