Translation of survivable in Spanish:


Pronunciation /səˈvʌɪvəbl//sərˈvaɪvəbəl/


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    is nuclear war survivable? ¿se puede sobrevivir a una guerra nuclear?
    • they didn't believe the crash was survivable no pensaron que se pudiera salir con vida del accidente
    • In the Arctic, the Eskimos made wise use of the materials available in that harsh environment and they have survived on the edge of what's survivable.
    • Since 1978, nine lap children under the age of 2 have died and 13 have been injured in aircraft accidents that were otherwise survivable.
    • The NTSB determined the accident was not survivable because of high impact forces, and autopsies confirmed all deaths were the result of blunt-force trauma.
    • It's not runnable in our craft and, if we're sucked into the hole beyond the chute, perhaps not survivable.
    • I was looking at the numbers, too, of actually survivable crashes.
    • The question now is would that be a survivable environment?
    • Any of these were survivable mistakes, but all three in a row were mortal.
    • The former would be a survivable disaster for the human race.
    • In the old days the disease was terrible, but survivable: farms were quarantined and the animals nursed.
    • The first two minutes of flight when the boosters are burning are generally considered the most dangerous part of the shuttle launch, with the fewest survivable options should anything go wrong.
    • What I did right minimized the impact of the causal factors, and helped to make the accident survivable.
    • Today, it's very survivable in many, many cases.
    • In particular, the books play with different ideas of civil polity: how you can make, or fail to make, the business of living together in large groups survivable.
    • However it is important to remember that most obstacles are survivable even if it may not seem like it at the time.
    • The truth was the ozone layer wasn't going to be able to supply a survivable living area.
    • As he came down he stuck his foot on the fireplace and heavy blocks fell down on him, causing injuries that were not survivable.
    • It was going to be a damage site, but it was going to be survivable.
    • Like cancer, no longer seen as necessarily fatal, a nuclear strike is being discussed as though it were containable, survivable.
    • It's bad, but strategically, it's survivable.
    • Many believe that all aviation accidents are not survivable.