Translation of survive in Spanish:


sobrevivir, v.

Pronunciation /sərˈvaɪv//səˈvʌɪv/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (continue in existence)
    (plant/person/animal) sobrevivir
    (tradition/custom/belief) sobrevivir
    (belief/custom/tradition) perdurar
    (book/relic) conservarse
    of the original expedition few survived de los integrantes de la expedición inicial quedaban pocos vivos
    • her last surviving descendant su último descendiente vivo
    • they look unlikely to survive to the next round no parece probable que superen la próxima ronda
    • the manuscript has survived intact el manuscrito se conserva intacto
    • one of the few surviving examples uno de los pocos ejemplos que quedan
    • Remedial work has now been undertaken and a small population continues to survive there.
    • In January he was given six months to live but survived longer than doctors predicted.
    • We may not enjoy it, but it is a fact that we live and we survive amidst incredible turmoil.
    • How can it be possible that there are people, especially children, who live or survive in these conditions?
    • The younger son Chris, who has survived, is living happily with loving parents.
    • Untreated, patients do not survive to adulthood.
    • One old blanket wasn't much help trying to survive in the wilds.
    • Those who have survived now mostly live in the open, where they lack enough food, water and sanitation.
    • She died three days after giving birth and her baby survived only a fortnight longer.
    • They all needed to be pulling in the same direction in order to continue to survive.
    • He was in a small settlement where outcasts lived and tried to survive.
    • Of these, only two survived outside the womb.
    • However, all survived somehow, and managed to feed and house themselves, have relationships, and have children.
    • There are moving accounts of people struggling to survive against the odds.
    • Many are grazing, and others continue to survive in our midst whether we like it or not.
    • Many of these children are surviving to adulthood and living satisfying, productive lives.
    • Let's not kid ourselves, it is the type of cancer treatment available and where you live which determines who survives.
    • You can only survive so long on dialysis before your body starts shutting down.
    • If that is the case the bird wouldn't have survived in the wild.
    • After Mr Russell was diagnosed he was given six months to live but survived for 15 years.
  • 2informal

    (cope, get by)
    how are you doing? — oh, surviving! ¿qué tal andas? — ya lo ves, tirando informal
    • is it serious? — you'll survive ¿es grave? — mira, de esta no te mueres
    • to survive on sth
    • he survives on black coffee and fruit vive / se alimenta a base de café y fruta
    • I can just survive on $100 a week con 100 dólares semanales apenas me alcanza para sobrevivir
    • Frosh week was when I learned how to survive on one hour of sleep and still have a fantastic day.
    • You learn how to wake up at the slightest sound and survive on less sleep than Mrs Thatcher.
    • The American economy can take many shocks and it will still survive somehow because of its tremendous depth.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (crash/accident) salir con vida de
    (earthquake/war) sobrevivir a
    (experience) superar
  • 2

    (person) sobrevivir
    he is survived by his wife and two children lo sobreviven su esposa y dos hijos
    • he survived all his brothers and sisters enterró a todos sus hermanos