Translation of survivor in Spanish:


superviviente, n.

Pronunciation /sərˈvaɪvər//səˈvʌɪvə/


  • 1

    superviviente masculine
    sobreviviente masculine
    don't worry about him: he's a survivor no te preocupes por él, es de los que siempre salen a flote
    • before noun (in US) survivor benefits prestaciones pagaderas a los familiares de una persona fallecida
    • He dismisses the influence of having to adjust to a new land and a new people might have had on him as a teenager and suddenly you understand he was born a survivor.
    • A social chameleon and born survivor, Sneath is there as events unfold and is around to tell the story later.
    • She's a born survivor, a walking miracle and something of a local celebrity, all at the tender age of just three.