Translation of suspect in Spanish:


sospechar de, v.

Pronunciation: /səˈspɛkt//səˈspɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(believe guilty)

      (person) sospechar de
      whom do they suspect? ¿de quién sospechan?
      • to suspect sb of sth/ -ing
      • I suspect him of the murder/robbery sospecho que es el asesino/ladrón
      • we suspect him of lying sospechamos que miente
      • He is suspected to have infected a company security guard with the virus.
      • Even if you are not suspected of a crime, you can be imprisoned for two years if you fail to disclose a computer password or encryption key.
      • I was suspected of being the leader of these people, and I needed a way to throw them off of my trail.
      • How could they suspect him when they believed that he received revelations from on high?
      • He was also suspected of being involved in a gang dealing heroin in the area.
      • What could be more straightforward than telling a person he is suspected of a crime?
      • Tom is suspected of dealing in stolen goods but the police have found it difficult to get evidence against him.
      • He said that he did not suspect Taylor but suggested that Kelly may have been responsible for the presence of the drugs.
      • He was also suspected of keeping some of the proceeds of one cigarette robbery.
      • He is suspected of having reported the bugged conversations to his superiors on a regular basis.
      • He is suspected of breaking Japanese laws prohibiting unauthorised computer access.
      • Is he not a man against whom a certificate of risk has been issued because he is suspected of terrorist activities?
      • Parents were wrongly suspected of abuse because of staff attitudes.
      • He is suspected of avenging himself on women if they reject him.
      • It is quite right that a British citizen should not be harassed by the state if he or she is not suspected of wrongdoing.
      • Cairns said the students are not suspected of any wrongdoing.
      • It ought to be said here that I was never suspected of anything, nor would there have been a reason to.
      • The court held that the person ought to be told that he or she was suspected of being over age, and be given a chance to explain his or her position.
      • He is suspected of being one of the largest importers of drugs into Ireland.
      • Only a handful of those held are suspected of involvement in the terror attacks.

    • 1.2(doubt, mistrust)

      (sincerity/probity) dudar de
      (sincerity/probity) tener dudas acerca de
      I rather suspect his motives tengo mis dudas acerca de sus motivos
      • There wasn't any particular reason to suspect anything, I thought.

  • 2

    • 2.1(believe to exist)

      they suspect nothing no sospechan nada
      • she suspects a plot sospecha que ha habido un complot
      • arson is not suspected no existen sospechas de que el incendio haya sido provocado

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      a suspected fracture una posible fractura
      • the suspected murderer el presunto asesino
      • he's suffering from suspected appendicitis se sospecha que lo que tiene es apendicitis

  • 3

    (think probable)
    I suspected as much ya me lo imaginaba / figuraba
    • to suspect ( that ) imaginarse que
    • I suspected I'd find you here me imaginaba que te iba a encontrar aquí
    • I suspect (that) it may be more serious than that me temo que pueda ser más grave
    • He was somebody you would trust implicitly and we never suspected what he was doing.
    • Your doctor might suspect heart failure based on your medical history, symptoms, and a physical exam.
    • Lansky called on women to go to the hospital as soon as they suspect the symptoms of heart attack.
    • Cases of this type include suspected heart attacks, broken limbs and appendicitis.
    • I knew that she liked me, but I never suspected what was about to happen.
    • Many suspected cases of heart failure will be seen in primary care that require the diagnosis to be excluded.
    • I suspect this snow will make the idea of watching an excellent film in a warm cinema all the more appealing.
    • If a doctor suspects meningitis he or she will refer the person affected to hospital.
    • I've no idea why, though I suspect it's got something to do with the temperature of the beverage.
    • Observers have always suspected that the government does not really take the sports portfolio very seriously.
    • It's not a bad idea but I suspect it'll take a crisis such as a property crash to make people change their habits.
    • The police strongly suspected that he had fallen in the nearby harbor, but couldn't locate the body.
    • Given the obvious press presence in that shop, I suspect his boss will be hearing a lot more about it, and soon.
    • Immunoglobulin may also be given if the bat is known or strongly suspected to be rabid.
    • The existence of such facilities has been suspected for some time.
    • Therefore, precautions should always be taken if the presence of asbestos is suspected.
    • I strongly suspect there's something wrong with it for a number of reasons.
    • Many scientists even suspect that the high frequency of earthquakes in recent years might also be related to global warming.
    • Police suspect there are one or more groups of robbers operating in the area.
    • If you suspect a heart attack, even if it feels like indigestion, act immediately.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    just as I suspected tal como lo imaginaba


  • 1

    sospechoso masculine
    sospechosa feminine
    smoking/stress is a prime suspect se sospecha que lo más probable es que el tabaco/estrés sea el causante


  • 1

    (behavior/package) sospechoso
    (evidence/document) de dudosa autenticidad
    her motives are highly suspect sus motivos resultan sumamente sospechosos
    • his knee is still a bit suspect todavía no está del todo bien de la rodilla
    • they replaced the suspect pump cambiaron la bomba que se suponía causante del problema