Translation of suspend in Spanish:


suspender, v.

Pronunciation: /səˈspɛnd//səˈspɛnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(stop, set aside)

      (payment/work) suspender
      • While we ultimately know this film is a mockumentary, these techniques allow us to temporarily suspend our disbelief.
      • Eventually, the stock exchange suspended trading in the stock.
      • His version of events is plausible and it is easy to believe him but until more details emerge about the nature of the positive result absolute judgments must be suspended.
      • Another bank had its operating license suspended for three months but was subsequently re-opened.
      • The traders have been forced to temporarily suspend trading as they do not want any more clients to fall into this black hole.
      • Recently Ryanair was forced to temporarily suspend services on its Strasbourg / London route.
      • While immediate lay-offs have been temporarily suspended, the crisis continues with thousands of jobs among Rover's suppliers also under threat.
      • Refreshments were served and the Ballinrobe Branch has now suspended its weekly meeting until September.
      • Mainly, I feel I must suspend any judgement until next weekend, just because so much could change in the time remaining.
      • I'm suspending this meeting until a later time when I can get everyone's complete attention and input.
      • It's almost as if we experience an unease, a dislocation, because our freedom to move somewhere else is temporarily suspended.
      • Cannier SME owners will suspend judgement until they see what real changes emerge in the kind of deals their banks are prepared to offer.
      • When exploration had to be suspended temporarily because of bad weather the ladders rotted and the cave had to be re-rigged.
      • The teachers said they were temporarily suspending further action after the meeting because they expected their demand would be dealt with.
      • The weekly walk has been temporarily suspended due to a combination of bad weather and vacations.
      • I pled guilty, paid a fine, and had my driver's license suspended for 30 days.
      • The officials said all training programs have been suspended pending a comprehensive investigation into the incident.
      • His driver's licence was suspended for 28 days pending his appearance.
      • There were reports Thursday morning that evacuations had been suspended at least temporarily over security concerns.
      • The market might be saturated, but it matters little for these ubiquitous hawkers, who can't even temporarily suspend or postpone their requirements of daily sustenance.
      • Ticket sales at the Glasgow Film Theatre were temporarily suspended prior to a showing in late August.
      • Since the problem of compensation for the land is unresolved, work on them should be suspended temporarily.
      • Following the Thursday explosion, reports were circulated that claimed the security raid has been suspended and forces were ordered to retreat.
      • Excursions to the glacier by horse-drawn carriage have been temporarily suspended and may not resume for the rest of the summer season.
      • Eventually some of the remarks got a bit unpleasant and the ability to comment was temporarily suspended to allow everyone time to cool off.

    • 1.2(defer, hold over)

      (decision/judgment) posponer
      (decision/judgment) postergar Latin America

  • 2

    (debar, ban)
    (member) suspender
    (student) expulsar temporariamente
    (student) suspender Latin America
    he was suspended from office fue separado de su cargo
  • 3

    it seemed to hang suspended in mid air parecía estar suspendido en el aire