Translation of suspense in Spanish:


suspenso, n.

Pronunciation: /səˈspɛns//səˈspɛns/


  • 1

    (in literary work, movie)
    suspenso masculine
    suspense masculine Spain
    the suspense is killing me! ¡la intriga / la incertidumbre me está matando!
    • to keep sb in suspense mantener a algn sobre ascuas / en vilo
    • Finishing it, I knew it had to be the greatest suspense novel ever written.
    • Yes, the movie goes for short-term thrills instead of building suspense.
    • Promise me a monster suspense film and it ends up being a third-rate Scooby-Doo episode.
    • In a claustrophobic suspense story, you could see how this might come in handy.
    • Finally, he took a year's leave of absence, so great was his need to finish writing his first suspense novel.
    • Eight years later his 16th novel marked a change of genre, to suspense thriller.
    • The book has moments of great seriousness, and even some genuine suspense.
    • There just doesn't seem to be any real suspense in romantic comedies any more.
    • The mixed metaphor is unfortunate, but his story line sounds promising and adds suspense.
    • The mystery of these implicit questions heightens the novel's suspense.
    • There was genuine suspense, and that just makes it a great story.
    • Directors of horror and suspense films would be wise to check out Koi Kaze.
    • It's the only brand of suspense I know in fiction that is so palpable, you can feel it on your skin.
    • If you like well written and interesting suspense movies, this movie is worth a shot.
    • Even though it's riddled with melodrama, this is still a high quality internal affairs suspense thriller.
    • As a suspense film in the Hitchcock vein, yeah, it's wonderful.
    • It was devoid of terror, suspense, originality or quality.
    • Well, this is the real world, not the world of action films and suspense novels, and yet the same principle is at work here as it is in the world of fiction.
    • I let out a heavy sigh and thought hard for a few seconds, unable to register anything except comic books and fiction suspense novels.
    • Much of the plot in bare-bones form would make a nifty suspense thriller.