Translation of suspicion in Spanish:


sospecha, n.

Pronunciation /səˈspɪʃ(ə)n//səˈspɪʃən/


  • 1

    (belief) sospecha feminine
    (mistrust) desconfianza feminine
    (mistrust) recelo masculine
    I have my suspicions tengo mis sospechas
    • we had no suspicion that she was involved no sospechábamos que estaba involucrada
    • she looked at them with suspicion los miraba con desconfianza / recelo
    • their behavior aroused the suspicion(s) of the police su conducta despertó las sospechas de la policía
    • they're being held on suspicion los han detenido como sospechosos
    • An atmosphere of suspicion and distrust, unfortunately, still prevails.
    • Doctors said they were not regarded as a national resource, and their profession was regarded with suspicion and scorn.
    • Wrong perceptions result in a lot of anger, mistrust, suspicion, hate and terrorism.
    • I have the strong suspicion that 2005 in retrospect will look like a pivotal year.
    • Eventually, the children may come to regard their fathers with suspicion and distrust.
    • The suspicion that the bill is merely a ploy to divert public attention away from the fuel price hikes could turn out to be justifiable.
    • This initial scepticism was compounded by the suspicion that infections might actually provoke allergy.
    • The forensic results recently released by the Dutch authorities have served to confirm a nagging suspicion.
    • I am now well into my third month of unpaid holiday and beginning to entertain the merest suggestion of an idea of a suspicion that I could get used to this.
    • Benji had a creeping suspicion that this would be the answer to his question.
    • In few democracies is government regarded with such suspicion and scepticism.
    • These volatile people will in my opinion look upon us with suspicion and distrust for years to come.
    • The celebrity's presence alleviates the suspicion that the protagonists are doomed.
    • Audiences at home and abroad began to voice disappointment, some even expressing the suspicion that plans had gone seriously awry.
    • The strong suspicion arises from the following facts.
    • Clinical suspicion is aroused early in patients who are under regular medical supervision, leading to earlier diagnosis.
    • The suspicion that the virus is new appears to be well grounded.
    • I have a sneaking suspicion that this guy had something to do with it.
    • He also learned that tweens are apt to regard big marketing blitzes with suspicion and distrust.
    • It nurtures suspicion and distrust of politicians, and politics itself.
    • However, we all want to know if our sneaking suspicions are true.
    • There were heavily armed security forces on every street corner and there was a great deal of distrust and suspicion.
    • I have a sneaking suspicion that services would still be cut and that councillors would still see a steady rise in their allowances and expenses.
    • Rather than eroding barriers between communities, a Berlin wall of suspicion, mistrust and hatred has been erected.
    • For my part I have a sneaking suspicion that they have narcotics stashed into the software, for it simply is irresistible.
    • Is her suspicion that all humans are capable of evil true?
    • This bill unfortunately panders to a culture of distrust and suspicion found among a minority of employers.
    • We're in a period when people have lots of suspicion and distrust about journalism.
    • That's unfortunate, because I have a sneaking suspicion that Clinton has some important and interesting things to say in his book.
    • On the other hand, there was suspicion, distrust, and hatred.
    • They were able to overcome the distrust and suspicion, and I believe they worked for what we all want, which is good law.
    • A little bit of paranoia may keep us on our toes, but a constant state of suspicion and distrust is pathological.
    • A wife's dedication to her husband must be utterly without suspicion or distrust, after all.
    • Everyone has a sneaking suspicion there's something really fantastic, exciting, and breathtaking about life.
    • I was left with a suspicion that the majority shared the anti-military animus of the plaintiffs.
    • Will's face was a picture of incredulous disbelief haunted by a suspicion that some of it could be true.
    • Property owners tend to view drifters with suspicion, and distrust their lack of stability.
    • On the whole, the legal system has not been entirely overhauled and this has generated suspicion and distrust on the part of investors.
    • It leads to a climate of resentment, division, distrust, suspicion, and even paranoia.
    • There's an air of suspicion and distrust about that permeates all walks and all levels of life, great and small.
  • 2

    (trace, hint)
    atisbo masculine
    a suspicion of a smile un atisbo de sonrisa
    • Back in the brave old days of 1953, there were no avocados, no kiwi fruit, and not a suspicion of mozzarella and tomato pizza.
    • It shows no great sense of sportsmanship, but rather invokes a suspicion of envy of some kind.