Translation of suss in Spanish:


darse cuenta de, v.

Pronunciation /səs//sʌs/

transitive verb


  • 1

    darse cuenta de
    I soon sussed what he was up to pronto me di cuenta de lo que andaba tramando
    • we finally sussed what was happening finalmente nos dimos cuenta de qué era lo que pasaba
    • After all, how boring would it be if scientists and Doctors had already sussed out what makes the mind tick?
    • He immediately susses that something is not quite cool with what Nicole is telling everyone.
  • 2

    (work out)
    calar informal
    I've got her sussed la tengo calada informal
    • I've got it sussed le he cogido la onda
    • Aristotle, in the 4th century BC, decided that everything had been sussed out, which included, one supposes, his belief that rainfall was not a sufficient factor to make the rivers run.
    • Some locals, including two men on a tractor and a bicycle, rambled over for a chat and to suss out the commotion that had descended on the local village.
    • This, of course, is their downfall, and they're sussed out by Cat.
    • We sussed out a lovely circular walk that will be ideal for exercising the legs of visitors after a heavy meal, or building an appetite in advance of one.
    • Each author is a great writer, and each seems to have well and truly sussed out the audience of this series.
    • It's about rewarding staff, having fun and team-building - there is no question of employees' abilities being sussed out.
    • He was here yesterday, a very charming fellow, to suss out the electrical situation and see what's what.
    • All our holidays were working holidays - we used to go and suss out all the hotels.
    • If you want to check your money supply, you can find companies that sell devices to suss out the high-tech fakes.
    • It's another thing I get from my mum - we're quite good at sussing character.
    • Some spies had been sussed out by the staff, so they changed our passes.
    • While all of the six supporting councillors' flexibility was sussed out, most of the effort was concentrated on Cavanagh.
    • Each Member State is represented on this committee, which is the interface between the Commission and the Council, and it is here that positions on issues are sussed out.
    • Not only did she lead us unerringly to the car park, she sussed out a shortcut en route.
    • After a few hours my identity as a journalist is sussed out.