Translation of swab in Spanish:


hisopo húmedo, n.

Pronunciation /swɑb//swɒb/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of cotton, gauze)

      hisopo húmedo masculine
      • Candidiasis is usually diagnosed by examination or growing a culture from a sample on a swab.
      • Additional airway bacterial cultures were obtained in all subjects at test 1, either by expectorated sputum samples or by oropharyngeal swabs.
      • Unlike Little et al, we are not worried that the artificial use of throat swabs and medication tray biased the recording of symptoms in the diary.
      • Specimens for bacterial cultures can be obtained with swabs or aspiration.
      • When collecting aspirated material or material with a needle and syringe, the specimen should not be placed on a swab.
      • Separate sterile Dacron-tipped swabs were used to sample the vagina and rectum.
      • The nurse used sterile cotton wool swabs to obtain swab specimens of the wound.
      • An alcohol swab cleans the valve connection before each procedure.
      • The test has been cleared for use with endocervical swabs, male urethral swabs, and with female and male urine.
      • Spread of the infection is often halted when health-care workers wash their hands and those of their patients with alcohol swabs, actively monitor those with wounds to the extremities and promptly identify the infected.
      • They came to that conclusion by actually weighing the fouling removed after cleaning with a dry swab.
      • During the exam, your doctor may apply a cotton-tipped swab to the area to see if it is painful.
      • A newspaper article printed in our local paper included a diagram that showed using nasal swabs for isolation.
      • My doctor friends came with the First-Aid Team, and forewarned that it's going to hurt when they wipe the wound with the wet swab.
      • It is common to moisten swabs and other potentially flammable materials in the surgical site when using lasers.
      • Hundreds of inmates will be handed clean syringes and swabs on a ‘no questions asked’ basis as a result of the scheme, which was condemned last night as the ultimate surrender in the war on drugs.
      • Use swabs and solvent to clean the guts of the gun, oil to protect them through extended idle.
      • Take cap off of heparin vial and clean with alcohol swab.
      • But it's still comes down to insuring doctors against the situation that happens if they leave a swab inside a wound.
      • The INO industrial officer said the situation at CUH, where medical swabs were running low, was deplorable.

    • 1.2(specimen)

      muestra feminine
      frotis masculine
      • He noted also that Carter had had swabs taken from the sarcophagus and sampled ‘specimens of air’ because of fear of contagion but these had been ‘absolutely sterile.’
      • All the three throat swabs were from patients with upper respiratory tract infections while the eye specimen was from a patient with conjunctivitis.
      • Wound swabs and blood cultures showed no growth, and the ulcer extended despite high dose intravenous antibiotics.
      • Preexisting wound and nasal swabs were sent for culture.
      • The FDA also has approved use of a new rapid oral HIV test kit, which provides results within 20 minutes using material collected from an oral swab.
      • Police officers can collect urine samples and mouth swabs, thereby minimising the client's discomfort while waiting as well as increasing the chance of detecting drugs excreted in the urine.
      • Both cervical and urethral swabs were combined and run together as one sample.
      • The doctor or nurse that you see will probably take a swab (sample of cells) from the area to check for the infection that's causing the warts.
      • For microbiologie cultures, fresh stool is preferred to rectal swabs in which the pathogens are less in number.
      • This new chemistry also purifies DNA from a variety of other sample types, including buffy-coat, leukocyte fractions, buccal swabs, and tissue-cultured cells.
      • Two days ago a urethral swab was sent from the genitourinary medicine department taken from my patient.
      • For the trial, women provide two vaginal swabs which they take themselves and one urine sample.
      • At enrolment we tested blood sample and swabs from probable entry sites for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
      • Deoxyribonucleic acid samples were obtained from buccal swabs; a cytology brush was used.
      • A piece of hair, a nail clipping, or a swab from a glass of beer could all be used to provide information without the person concerned ever knowing.
      • Processing and identification of samples: The soft tissue samples included samples from infected tissues and wounds (pus samples, wound swabs, tissues and drain fluids).
      • Conjunctival swabs - Conjunctival swabs were obtained from the 50 control subjects.
      • In addition stool samples or rectal swabs in transport media were also collected and transported to the microbiology laboratory for further processing.
      • Researchers analyzed swabs taken from 42 neckties worn by physicians and medical staff as well as 10 neckties from security staff at the medical center.
      • The burn wounds swabs and urine samples were inoculated within one hour of collection on to blood agar and MacConkey agar plates.

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    lampazo masculine

transitive verb

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    (wound) (con algodón, gasa etc) limpiar
    • The surface of the agar was swabbed with the suspension.
    • At 1: 50 p.m. on January 9, 2003, one of them swabbed the outside of a passenger's laptop bag to check for explosives.
    • The largest five lesions were swabbed with one swab by gently rubbing the wound surface.
    • The wall of the womb is swabbed and closed with stitches that will later safely dissolve.
    • Stems were cut 10 mm above the soil level and the wound area was immediately swabbed to remove contaminants from cut cells.
    • To obtain each sample, 4 sterile cotton-tipped applicators were slightly moistened in sterile saline and swabbed along the length of the penile shaft and around
    • She swabbed the inside of Sean's elbow, and stuck the needle in.
    • In order to catheterize the Sailor the corpsman swabbed the urethral opening of his penis with a non-irritating antiseptic.
    • And surfaces dry much quicker than when they are swabbed down with wet mops, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
    • Slasher finishes swabbing down his work surface, and has another swig of beer.
    • The base of the lesion should be swabbed vigorously because the virus is cell-associated.
    • After she had been told that this could be due to cold sore virus infection, the lesions were swabbed and sent for culture in viral transport medium.
    • Orthopaedic liaison nurses swabbed all patients (nose, perineum, and any skin lesions) in the community for MRSA and methicillin sensitive Staphylococcus aureus.
    • In the Clark case, technicians swabbed every surface, knowing the smallest trace amount could nab a killer.
    • In trials, ambulances that had just come off duty were swabbed and results showed every vehicle was contaminated with a variety of pathogens, including bacteria and fungi.
    • This includes brushing the dirt from the injection site and swabbing the area with alcohol or disinfectant.
    • Pull firmly and steadily on the tick until it lets go, then swab the bite site with alcohol.
    • After swabbing and assessing the lesions and collecting data, the nurse randomly assigned each patient to treatment with 2 percent fusidic acid cream or identical placebo three times daily.
    • Finally, clean and swab the rest of your gat - cylinder, slide, trigger, receiver, what have you - and you're good to go.
    • She poured more antiseptic onto the wound, swabbing it away with a sterile cloth.
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    to swab (down) limpiar