Translation of swaddle in Spanish:


envolver, v.

Pronunciation /ˈswɑdl//ˈswɒd(ə)l/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Infants used to be swaddled at birth and are still wrapped and bundled tightly except during bathing and diapering.
    • Every baby I would swaddle would end up busting out of his bundle and crying his damn little head off, limbs flailing and clawing at the air.
    • Startled into silence, I watched as it cleaned my cousin in a basin and swaddled her in a cloth before handing her to my father, the Clan's head, waiting outside.
    • Monty returned with the baby swaddled and pinkly clean.
    • In one case, Leonarde even proved a more vigilant caregiver than Huguette, when she uncovered Claude at night after Huguette had swaddled him too tightly.
    • By my side, waiting at the next till, was a young woman, bright and bonny, holding a tiny baby in the crook of her arm, all carefully wrapped and swaddled.
    • They are tightly swaddled when in their cribs and carried by their mothers.
    • They usually are swaddled tightly in blankets when they are very small.
    • Most rural and low-income women breastfeed, wrap, and swaddle their babies, sometimes for as long as two years.
    • She was gone before her baby was properly swaddled, and her name was just about all Virginie knew of her.
    • Babies are swaddled in on their backs on traditional baby boards.
    • Even newborn babies were not washed, and until the eighteenth century they were swaddled in bands of cloth that were changed twice a day at most.
    • His eyes widened as she unwrapped the sword from the black cloth she had swaddled it in.
    • To keep Iraqi Republican Guard snipers from seeing the glow of my computer screen, I swaddled the laptop in a thick blanket and a rubber poncho.
    • I remember being swaddled in blankets, then being swathed with cold washcloths.
    • Children were swaddled with various methods, depending on the region.
    • Traditionally, newborns were swaddled; today they are wrapped in warm blankets when they are very young, but swaddling is no longer practiced.
    • I hold him and try to hug him and remember how the nurses swaddled him tightly when he was born, bound him so he would feel secure.
    • Babies are swaddled, and children are regarded as incapable of self-control until age four.
    • Baby Wrapping for Beginners, by Andrea Sarvady, teaches how to swaddle and sling your baby in creative style.