Translation of swagger stick in Spanish:

swagger stick

bastón, n.



  • 1

    bastón masculine
    • She carried her weight like a swagger stick, and brandished it like a cudgel.
    • Then I heard the swagger stick slowly flipping through the holding pages of Finley's meager account book.
    • After dinner, Roger appeared in military fatigues, complete with hat, sunglasses, jackboots, and swagger stick.
    • Then, as if he had seen us for the first time, the major with the swagger stick turned and peered at us through the gathering dusk.
    • She was being seen off by a rather supercilious Army officer - small moustache, swagger stick tucked under one arm - whom I took to be her husband.
    • His eyes still glowed, his bearing was elegant, aided by the cane he carried as a swagger stick.
    • ‘When the going gets tough,’ said Erin, slapping the swagger stick against his palm for emphasis, ‘the tough go shopping.’
    • Officers would tuck their swagger sticks under their arms, blow their whistles and leap over the top.
    • Another source has it that swagger sticks are descended from the leading cane, a tool of on the spot discipline.
    • Landry, now Lair's deputy, carried a swagger stick, and it was easy to picture him handling tough and dangerous situations.
    • He bridles, reeling off a list of generals who have wielded the pen as deftly as the swagger stick.
    • His swagger stick was the heaviest weapon that UNAMET had at its disposal, for these were not ‘peacekeepers.’
    • Snapping his swagger stick against his gleaming boots, The Butcher returned.
    • But he gripped the swagger stick more firmly and stuck to his Scottish slaughtermen's guns.
    • All he was missing was an old-fashioned swagger stick.