Translation of swat in Spanish:


matar, v.

Pronunciation: /swɒt//swɑt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (insect) matar
    (person) pegarle un manotazo a
    • The tail is often used as an ‘extra hand’ to swat insects.
    • He said that when Faustinus was a small boy, he'd never content himself with merely swatting a fly.
    • Anything the brain does, from adding a row of numbers to directing your arm to swat a fly, creates a voltage that an EEG can pick up.
    • I laughed, trying to swat him, and almost falling over.
    • In other news, I'm listening to some popular music and swatting tiny ants off me while sitting at John's computer.
    • These bats are primarily insectivorous, and most hawk insects in flight, often using their wings like tennis rackets and swatting the insects into the tail membrane.
    • People were wafting their arms to swat the bugs but it did no good because they kept coming in hordes.
    • She swatted me with the end of her apron, then hugged me all over again.
    • He cast his line, swatting at the few flies that swarmed his sweaty forehead.
    • I rose up and took to the ceiling avoiding any chance at a maid swatting me during transit.
    • She was always strutting around like she was a goddess or something, on more then one occasion she swatted me on the bottom with her staff.
    • Nick moved to put his arm around Tori, but she swatted him away.
    • She laughed and swatted him with a towel and we witnessed what we would later come to recognize as the rejuvenating power of real estate.
    • Freya stood on her toes, and swatted him across the head.
    • Finally, the trooper got around to writing out the ticket, and as he was doing that he kept swatting at some flies that were buzzing around his head.
    • Swiftly swatting the bug with a rolled-up newspaper would have been the best course of action.
    • He sat there for several hours, dozing, snoring, and swatting at flies that settled on him.
    • I've only completed a couple of rounds when Michelle Will / Led Debby swoops in from behind and swats me on the ass.
    • But is this what fear of the Lord really means, that we break no rules and have no bad thoughts lest we be swatted with the Bible?
    • My first game was against Stirling County, and Gareth Flockhart just thought I was some little joker and swatted me.
    • With one arm he swatted me aside, I tumbled into the cabents, the rotted doors snapping benith my weight, beside the old woman.
    • He wears a fierce mustache on a jagged face, he's got enough muscle he could swat me down any time he wished.
    • I try not to step on ants or swat bees so hard that they fall dead to the ground.
    • I swatted a fly on the bus and I got to wondering what happens to these souls once you've absorbed them?
    • To his surprise, Ava swatted him in the arm and expressed her outrage by glaring at him for several long moments.
    • She swatted her daughter on the arm before turning towards Madison.
    • Some are too weak to even swat away flies or other insects that crawl over their bodies.
    • He clambered out, practically levitating over the front seat and out the door, while I glanced quickly around looking for something to swat the wasp with.
    • R.L. Burnside sits on his plastic porch chair as calm and motionless as a stone Buddha, then his hand flashes out to swat a fly on his leg.
    • But it was Thistle who were able to swat their opponents for the second time soon after the re-start after Scott Paterson had come reasonably close with a long-range belter.
    • One of them swarmed in front of her face, making her swat at it in annoyance.
    • She swatted me and stood leaning against the locker next to mine.
    • This spring a bear swatted a little boy sitting on his front stoop, and a man was mauled when he jumped on a bear's back to break up a fight with his dog.
    • The last time we went, we had continually to swat flies.
    • Bob swats him away in anger, calls him a queer and tells him to get out.
    • So start your fly parasite program sooner rather than later - if you're swatting flies as you read this, it may be too late to get parasites working for you on your place.
    • ‘I would kill time swatting the flies,’ says Li, who also compulsively swept the floor of his cell.
    • Emmy jumped at the voice and turned around quickly, swatting Chris on the arm when she saw it was him.
    • The fly then landed on National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Davis (Va.), who tried in vain to swat the insect.
    • Mind you he also thinks the media is a vehicle for Witchcraft, but fails to explain why they don't wear pointy hats and swat him with brooms.

    con matamoscas, periódico etc

intransitive verb

to swat at

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    intentar darle a
    he was swatting at the wasps estaba tratando de matar las avispas


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    golpe masculine
    he took a swat at it le dio un manotazo (/ un golpe con el periódico etc. )

Translation of SWAT in Spanish:



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    (US police unit)

    Special Weapons And Tactics