Translation of swathe in Spanish:


envolver, v.

Pronunciation /sweɪð//sweɪð/

transitive verb

  • 1

    his foot was swathed in bandages tenía el pie vendado
    • to be swathed in mist/secrecy estar envuelto en tinieblas/misterio
    • It didn't really matter whether she was swathed in silk or casual in cotton - she was stunning either way.
    • Often the pastures are swathed in mist, giving them a dreamlike quality.
    • Turrisaevum jutted out across the landscape, half swathed in mist and silhouetted against the dim skyline.
    • For the second day in a row the moors were swathed in mists first thing in the morning, a sea mist rolling in again to meet them, and the world damp, drizzly and chill.
    • It was of a beach, and the sky was swathed in shades of robin's egg blue.
    • The man was tall and thin, resembling a scrawny tree, as the black robes he was swathed in covered him from neck to toe in a most unflattering style.
    • The early morning mists that swathed the hills and the moors descended during the late afternoon, to meet a chill sea mist flowing in from the Channel.
    • She was swathed in white, bound from head to toe in that mother of all hues, immaculate and true.
    • Ayrshire landmark Ailsa Craig is swathed in a layer of mist, thick enough to maintain a veil of secrecy.
    • Later that day, I finally came to, only to find my head swathed in yards of bandages.
    • A few were in wheelchairs, others on crutches and swathed in bandages.
    • The seats were still swathed in poly, the floor mats wrapped in paper.
    • The undoubted chief, so swathed in bandoliers of ammunition that bullets fired at him would have bounced off, reached down and grabbed my hand.
    • Snowdrops look best when left to their own sense of wild abandon; swathing woodland and gardens in bright whiteness, and challenging the dismal grey light of winter.
    • The warm fall's night was perfect, but when one was swathed in garments in dancing, it was incredibly hot.
    • One thing hadn't been lost in the leap, and that was the memory of Al swathed in bandages.
    • It was as if the models were swathed in giant fabric sample books, each layer peeling off to reveal another beneath.
    • Inside the van the scientists pulled aside layers of cloth swathing the king.
    • Giles looked down at the huge, white bulbous bandages swathing her arms and legs.
    • One boy lay swathed in bandages on a stretcher, his severed leg beside him.