Translation of swear in Spanish:


jurar, v.

Pronunciation: /swɛː//swɛr/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (revenge/fidelity/allegiance) jurar
    they swore an oath of obedience to their queen juraron obediencia a la reina
    • it's the truth, I swear it es verdad, te lo juro
    • she swears blind she didn't know jura y perjura que no lo sabía
    • I could've sworn I left it there hubiera jurado que lo dejé ahí
    • do you swear to tell the truth? ¿jura usted decir la verdad?
    • to swear an affidavit hacer una declaración jurada
    • Nevertheless, he could have discussed his devotion to the Constitution from some perspective other than the fact that he'd sworn an oath.
    • Among them the fact that it was the judge and jury who swore an oath to render a true and just decision.
    • That decision caused uproar as the MPs refuse to swear the oath of allegiance to the queen, meaning they cannot take their seats, speak in debates or vote.
    • They will swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen, and pledge to respect the UK's laws, rights and freedoms.
    • Many have pointed out the absurdity of asking new citizens to swear an oath to the Queen, when a large number of citizens born here would probably refuse to do the same.
    • Radical plans to require immigrants to swear an oath of allegiance to Britain were yesterday unveiled by the inquiry into the summer riots in Bradford, Oldham and Burnley.
    • Anybody who wants to considered a freeman must swear an oath of loyalty.
    • Speaking in Commercial Radio's Tea Cup in a Storm, Leung stressed that should he swear an oath, he would do so with dignity.
    • And if my democratically-elected MP fails to swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen, why will they be barred from entering Parliament to represent me?
    • There were no photographs or transcripts of the testimony, and the two men would not agree to swear an oath, conditions George Bush defended.
    • He swore a pledge of fidelity, not an easy thing for him.
    • On 20 January 2001, George W Bush swore the oath of office as the 43rd President of the US.
    • They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
    • She's as aware as anyone that the lusty thoughts she inspires are the foundation of her celebrity, yet she's sworn an oath never to show her naughty bits in movies.
    • To start the renunciation procedure, you have to be outside of the United States and swear your oath of renunciation to a U.S. consular officer.
    • The oath sworn by new citizens remains the source of some bitterness among traditionalists north of the Border, who claim it ignores Scotland's unique history.
    • Once there, frightened of Injun Joe, they decided to swear an oath that they won't tell anyone what they just witnessed.
    • Kingston's mayor will attend the ceremonies and new citizens will swear the oath of allegiance and make a pledge of citizenship before being given a British nationality certificate.
    • Spike Milligan was born in India yet denied a British passport because, although he had served and risked his life for King and country, he refused to swear the oath of allegiance.
    • You stood there with your hand on the bible and swore an oath.
  • 2

    tomarle juramento a
    we've all been sworn to secrecy nos han hecho prometer que no diremos nada / que guardaremos el secreto
    • Okay, I'll tell you, but you are severely sworn to secrecy.
    • It is the kind of thing you're sworn to secrecy over.
    • It's odd that his mother works for the corporation his father is sworn to take down, yet neither of them cares to know or catches on.
    • There's a great deal more that I wish could say, but I am sworn to secrecy.
    • We were all sworn to secrecy, and even if you did retire like Mr. Huang did, you had to be somehow connected to Area 51.
    • It is not to be allowed that any son of a burgess sit down or remain at a common council of the town if he is not sworn to conceal the counsel and secrets of the town.
    • She was sworn to look after me, an honourbond, but she also had to find you.
    • Though he is sworn to secrecy, Larry, stricken with guilt over offending a friend, spills the beans.
    • When we see fellow officers die, we have someone very close to us die doing something that we're sworn to do as well.
    • I am sworn to fulfill my mandate to serve as president.
    • Dear readers, I wish I could reveal more but I am sworn to secrecy.
    • After all, these millions belong to the stockholders, and board members are sworn to protect their money.
    • All the boys are sworn to secrecy and won't divulge anything to me.
    • She is sworn to secrecy about which major character dies.
    • I didn't say anything, as I am sworn to both of their confidences.
    • I wish I could tell you more but I am sworn to secrecy.
    • Wonderful news was imparted, but only on the understanding that he was sworn to secrecy.
    • He's sworn to keep his vigil for ‘as long as it takes’.
    • I have a great deal of power over them, but, like one of those comic-book heroines, I am sworn to use it only for good.
    • The heir to the throne you are sworn to may be in danger, and you will do nothing?

intransitive verb

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    decir palabrotas
    soltar tacos Spain informal
    mentar madres Mexico informal
    to swear at sb insultar a algn usando palabrotas