Translation of sweatshop in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈswɛtʃɒp//ˈswɛtˌʃɑp/


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    fábrica donde se explota a los trabajadores
    • A sweatshop is a factory where the workers do long hours for low pay, they may have to work in uncomfortable or dangerous conditions.
    • Are you careful not to buy products that are mass-produced by low-paid workers in third-world sweatshops?
    • The conditions in the sweatshops of south east Asia are reminiscent of the way in which Engels described conditions in the north of England in the 1840s.
    • If we listen to some of the speeches from the other side of the House, we get the impression that some of these workshops are sweatshops.
    • Third world workers want to toil in sweatshops, recognizing that it improves their prospects.
    • Morris could see neither of these in the use of machinery in the Victorian factories and sweatshops that surrounded him.
    • Saipan has served as a haven for Asian Pacific sweatshops for major US retailers.
    • We'll speak with an author who says corporate America is run like a sweatshop and workers can hardly keep up.
    • Hundreds of other Asian women are believed to be virtually imprisoned in similar conditions in illegal clothing sweatshops.
    • Working conditions vary widely from the worst kind of sweatshop to factory complexes with clinics, schools and entertainment.
    • China is a good economic competitor, where millions of people work for slave wages in sweatshops to make U.S. corporations richer.
    • They can be found on farms and plantations, and in factories and sweatshops.
    • Lawsuit against fashion designer details sweatshop conditions in New York City garment factories
    • Higher oil and raw material prices have also forced factory sweatshops to further slash the impoverished wages and conditions.
    • Two weeks ago, Farias's office participated in 81 raids of sweatshops that employ immigrant labor.
    • The program featured images of women and children working long hours in sweatshops making sneakers.
    • On Tuesday police rescued child workers from a sweatshop operating in the Manila suburb of Binondo.
    • The existence of sweatshops in Hong Kong is directly attributable to the Cold War.
    • Western concern at the plight of workers in sweatshops is touching.
    • The boycott will benefit the workers within the sweatshop.