Translation of sweaty in Spanish:


sudado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈswɛti//ˈswɛdi/

adjectivesweatier, sweatiest

  • 1

    (person/hands) sudado
    (person/hands) transpirado
    (hands/person) sudoroso literary
    (socks/feet) sudado
    (socks/feet) transpirado
    • He spent an entire season on a task he could have completed in one sweaty afternoon.
    • He appears to glide effortlessly to unfamiliar locations without becoming even slightly sweaty.
    • Standing in the aisle breathing in the BO of the sweaty commuter souls around me.
    • Inside a studio large enough to house a couple of jumbo jets, a reconstruction of a tiny, sweaty club has been built.
    • Hit your head on the nu-punk rock at this sweaty day of debauchery featuring tons of bands.
    • It makes you hot, sweaty, thirsty and uncomfortable and too much of it gives you cancer.
    • The enormous concert hall is packed, sweaty and anxious for the first star to take the stage.
    • If I look hot, sweaty and as if I'm in pain, then that's the reality and that's the way it is.
    • Every time the door opens to eject another sweaty dancer, clouds of steam waft out to envelope us in a damp mist.
    • The level of humidity found in this part of the US at this time of year has to be a sweaty and debilitating factor.
    • Such al fresco activity surely beats aerobics in a sports hall or regular visits to a hot and sweaty gym.
    • I felt absorbed into the farm today, forgetting about how sweaty and dirty and tired I was.
    • An operation cured the sweaty palms but Abbi still suffers from sweaty feet.
    • Four hours later, I emerged at Alicia's house, tired and sweaty, clutching the cat in my arms.
    • Outside the café is the best patio in the city, perfect for a hot and sweaty summer night.
    • All over the vet's black rubber table top there were little sweaty paw prints.
    • The local beach bar was everything the yacht wasn't: small, dark, packed and sweaty.
    • If you shout at them their big sweaty dad will return from the beach and batter you with your broken hedge-trimmer.
    • I wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans because I did not want to let them know I was frightened.
    • At least one pub is packed to the rafters with sweaty and chanting fans watching games on the big screen.
  • 2

    (weather) bochornoso
    (work) que hace sudar