Translation of Swede in Spanish:


sueco, n.

Pronunciation: /swid//swiːd/


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    sueco masculine
    sueca feminine
    • Danes and Swedes are among the greatest enthusiasts for plaice, and the former at least prefer to buy their plaice alive.
    • Do you realize that among the dead and missing are 20,000 Swedes and over 3,000 Americans?
    • Since the Swede's command of the national team it has enjoyed a fair modicum of success, but only results-wise.
    • Wouldn't it be great if the Swedes or the Czechs or the Slovaks had to knock us off our style of game for them to have any chance of beating us?
    • The Danes and the Swedes are picking up the bills for their royals while they are here.
    • We are a six-man team up against the Swiss, Austrians, Swedes and Italians among others.
    • Wearing a wad of knee strapping that an Egyptian mummy would consider excessive, the Swede was not to be properly tested.
    • You have to think that a team made up of Swedes, Spaniards and all the rest is fairly diverse in terms of temperament and personality.
    • Payne was the sole British player on a leaderboard entirely dominated by Swedes.
    • If they go on preaching this doctrine, the Germans will get a bomb, then the Swedes, then the Israelis.
    • The Spanish, Swedes, Danes and Italians are also expected to back the proposals.
    • Over here there's a few Swedes and Finns discussing strategy in their native tongues.
    • The Swedes and Finns have been harvesting forest biomass to use as energy since the 1970s.
    • As a consequence, the Swedish Rally is the only remaining event that has yet to be won by anyone but a Swede or a Finn.
    • The British, Dutch and Swedes were all firmly opposed to starting talks now.
    • The competition for the purest vodka is now a two-horse race between the Swedes and the Finns.
    • On the scorched earth at Wimbledon, the progress of a young Swede had enthralled the nation.
    • To an outsider it seems self-evident which way the Danes and the Swedes must vote in their referenda.
    • Language is not a barrier either, as most Swedes and Danes speak very good English.
    • A Swedish man made history yesterday as the first Swede charged with file sharing.

Translation of swede in Spanish:


nabo sueco, n.

Pronunciation: /swiːd//swid/



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    nabo sueco masculine
    • Steam them for mash (butter, salt, maybe some fried onions on top) or add them to the vegetable basics of a stew (carrot, swede, celery and onion) and let their sweetness flavour the broth.
    • My lamb was excellent, the meat tasty and perfectly-cooked, on a bed of couscous with chunks of veg including swede and peppers, again perfectly-done, mixed in with it.
    • Finely dice the onion, and cut the potato and swede into 1cm pieces.
    • My colleague selected honey-glazed pork in garlic, together with roast potatoes, sprouts and diced swede, advertised at £3.65.
    • Some grass is grown on the farm for hay or silage, together with swede, turnip or kale for winter forage because grass growth declines drastically in the winter.
    • Root vegetables such as turnips, swedes and potatoes can last for months if kept in the dark.
    • Not knowing how large our portions would be, we ordered side dishes of new potatoes and glazed carrots and swedes.
    • He consumes processed seeds such as wheat and soya; roots such as potatoes, turnips, and swedes; plus a wide variety of leaves from cabbages to spinach.
    • The dish of vegetables that accompanied our meal was generous, too: roasted and boiled potatoes, swede, green beans, carrots and mange-tout: all freshly cooked and all managing to retain their flavour.
    • A modest blob of piping hot swede holds the heat for ages and is brilliant for making sure the plate and the meat stay warm to the table.
    • Steve Habgood was selling parsnips, artichokes, potatoes and swedes grown at Purton House Organic Farm.
    • Thicken soups and casseroles with puréed vegetables such as potato, swedes, onions and carrots.
    • Peel the celeriac and cut it into 0.5cm cubes, like a swede.
    • It comes into its own when mashed and mixed with carrot or swede.
    • All the main courses came with vegetables, on this occasion garden peas, sugar snap peas, swede batons and new potatoes.
    • Terry's tamarind oxtail braised with dates and lychees came with Southland swede.
    • Then parsnips, onions, carrots, swedes, chestnuts, haricot beans or split peas, a garlic clove.
    • Sarah had kedgeree which looked gorgeous but I didn't taste it, and Peter had pot-roasted lamb with swede.
    • We picked potatoes, carrots, peas and swedes for the farmers, wild brambles and mushrooms for the pantry and rose hips for vitamin C syrup.
    • I'll be eating turkey, Brussel sprouts, swedes, potatoes, gravy and a couple of glasses of wine and a glass of beer.