Translation of sweep in Spanish:


barrido, n.

Pronunciation /swiːp//swip/


  • 1

    barrido masculine
    barrida feminine
    give it a sweep bárrelo
  • 2

    • 2.1(movement)

      with a sweep of his arm con un amplio movimiento del brazo
      • with a sweep of his scythe con un golpe de la guadaña
      • the broad sweeps of his brush strokes el ancho trazo de sus pinceladas

    • 2.2(curve of road, river)

      curva feminine
      notice the superb sweep of the train fíjese en la estupenda caída de la cola

    • 2.3(range)

      alcance masculine
      extensión feminine

  • 3

    (forceful movement)
    empuje masculine
  • 4

    peinado masculine
    rastreo masculine
  • 5

    (in electronic surveillance)
    barrido masculine
  • 6

    (of windmill)
    (with masculine article in the singular) aspa feminine
  • 7chimney sweep

    deshollinador masculine
    deshollinadora feminine
  • 8

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(clean)

      (floor/path) barrer
      (chimney) deshollinar
      he swept the room clean / out barrió bien la habitación
      • She swept out the dirt floor, her broom struck something under the bed.
      • I swept the sun room floor and then pulled in the two galvanized tubs which held the broad beans last year.
      • I showed them how they could draw with the conte or the ebony pencil, then mix the two by sweeping the area with a little turpenoid on a brush.
      • They carefully sweep dirt from clothing and bones, finding bullets on and around one body.
      • ‘We can cram in loads of people and it doesn't matter if anything gets dropped, as it can be swept out the next morning,’ says Skelton.
      • Stable boys were bedding the horses down for the night or sweeping the stabling area clean.
      • As well as the damage to the roof and cream carpet in the lounge, firemen were also forced to sweep water from the garage, which had been flooded from the freak storm.
      • Half of the party of 200 helped to sweep the floor and move a tractor and other machinery while the rest grabbed whatever they could to take to the new venue.

    • 1.2(remove)

      (dirt/leaves) barrer
      (mines) barrer
      he swept the crumbs off the table limpió la mesa de migas
      • he swept his hair back se echó el pelo hacia atrás
      • she swept the leaves into a pile in the corner barrió la terraza (or el patio etc.) y amontonó las hojas en el rincón
      • he swept the coins into a box con la mano reunió las monedas y las deslizó en una caja
      • The scarab is accompanied by a man with a brush whose job is to sweep the litter into the road so that the scarab can lift it.
      • I particularly remember a young girl sweeping the dirt in front of the pile of stones that had once been her house.
      • Joe's children's mess can be swept, hoovered or mopped from its surface.
      • After it had all been sorted, the driver came over with a large whisk broom, swept the leftover detritus into the gutter, and off they went, presumably to the next reeking pile.
      • She didn't have a beautiful garden, but she kept the place neat and tidy, even to the point where she swept the bare dirt in her yard.
      • Dust emissions are likely, the application states, but this will be swept and washed away by the local authority.
      • If necessary the surface should first be swept to remove loose stones and any build up of sand or gravel prior to testing.
      • The rocks and soil were mutilated into mush that could easily be swept away from the scene.
      • I said that I had a broom but I didn't have a pan to sweep the dirt into.
      • A huge campaign will attempt to sweep away litter and graffiti in a fresh war on crime which is expected to run for a year.
      • More than 100 tons of debris that was swept into the bay by the deadly waves has been dredged by hand since the operation began in February.
      • He bent over up swept the dirt into the dust pan and throw it into the trashcan in the bathroom.
      • Before beginning the sanding procedure carefully sweep all dirt, dust and other debris from the floor.
      • The vehicle was removed by 4pm and leftover rubbish was swept away.

  • 2

    (touch lightly, brush)
    (surface) rozar
    her coat swept the ground as she walked al andar su abrigo rozaba el suelo
    • her hand swept the strings pasó la mano por las cuerdas
    • Her hair fell in tight blonde ringlets or was swept into an auburn chignon.
    • Tilting her face upwards, she swept her long hair back, her hand skimming the stitches along her hairline.
    • Looking highly affronted, Tiffany swept her long blond hair out of her face and narrowed her eyes at him.
    • The person had long, midnight black hair that was swept up in an elaborate style.
    • She is dressed in a period costume, a high-waisted white dress with a low neck and long sleeves, with her hair swept up.
    • Her hair had been swept up away from her neck, piled high on top of her head and held in place with fancy combs but a few curls hung loose around her face, framing her gorgeous eyes.
    • The family of a Scots backpacker who died when a fire swept through an Australian youth hostel last week have spoken for the first time about the tragedy.
    • She grimaced and swept up her hair in a messy bun with one hand, whilst prodding me on the back with the other hand.
    • Firefighters battled for more than an hour to control the fire that swept through three portable classrooms at Billericay School in the early hours of Saturday.
    • The rest of her hair is swept up out of the way in a high ponytail.
    • In Paris, a massive fire swept through an overcrowded apartment building housing immigrants from Africa.
    • We walked down the tar road that was shimmering in the heat, dodging the occasional car sweeping past, until we came to the bridge.
    • Just weeks after the refinery had resumed production of petroleum products, a fire has again swept through one of the furnaces that refines petrol.
    • As the fire swept over the car the fuel tank began to boil and a six metre jet of flames spurted out of the back of the car.
    • Her long, curling dark hair had been swept upwards into the most fashionable style as of late, pinned into place by delicate silver gems that shone in her hair.
    • She swept her long dark hair from her eyes and looked over to James for support.
    • I swept my short hair up into a ponytail and tied it.
    • The wave simply swept through, destroying buildings along the way, sweeping people away and carrying them into the lagoons behind.
    • And only a year earlier, six British backpackers were among 15 killed in a fire that swept through an Australian hostel while they slept.
    • But soon after, fire swept through that building, all but destroying the brand new studios.
    • I breathed in the air and shivered slightly as a cool breeze swept past me.
    • These frightening wild fires swept across open fields with unbelievable speed.
    • A hundred days have swept past in a heady parade of media applause, a new baby, a divided Labour party and humiliated Liberal Democrats.
    • Her hair was swept up in a ponytail and a smile blossomed across her face when she saw him.
    • She picked up her brush and quickly swept her long hair into a fashionable ponytail and then got up and walked over to her closet, which was brimming with clothes.
    • Her blond hair had been swept up into a sleek ponytail and she wore low riding hipster jeans with a plain white tank top.
    • A cool breeze swept past me, as if to uplift my spirit, did not serve the purpose, it left me cold, and more helpless than before.
    • She is very pretty (still way too much make-up for me though) and lovely long brown/blond hair that she sweeps back into a ponytail.
    • Her hair was swept in an elaborate coiffure, a smile playing on her lips and her eyes dancing merrily.
    • The fire which swept through a number of derelict buildings in Bedford, used by the homeless and drug addicts was probably arson, investigators have confirmed.
    • A prairie fire had swept away all traces of vegetation and there was a black, funereal mantle as far as the eye could reach in every direction.
    • He swept his still damp hair out of his face, but the longish sides still fell in front.
    • A policeman on the scene said the family were away and no-one was in the house when the fire swept through the grade-two listed building.
    • She had a slim figure and silver hair that was swept up tightly into a bun.
    • Dressed in an oriental-style black and white top and designer jeans, Georgina held her hand up to her face as the car swept past the waiting crowds.
    • Then he had no more time to think as the first wave of fighters swept toward him, firing wildly.
    • Rilla knelt down behind Naila and swept the short brown hair out of the way.
    • Mr Blair's black Jaguar swept past a scrum of photographers gathered outside the Palace as excitement mounted over the crucial decision which is expected to be taken by next Monday.
    • You can play with side parts that allow you to sweep the hair and clip it to the side.
    • Once outside city limits, it is perfectly feasible to leave the car in fifth gear and still be able to sweep past slower traffic quite effortlessly.
  • 3

    • 3.1(pass over, across)

      severe storms swept the coast grandes tormentas azotaron / barrieron la costa
      • the waves of protest that were sweeping the state las olas de protesta que recorrían el estado
      • dismay swept the meeting when the news broke la noticia causó consternación entre los reunidos
      • the epidemic is sweeping the country la epidemia se extiende como un reguero de pólvora por el país

    • 3.2(remove by force)

      the avalanche swept them to their deaths el alud los arrastró consigo y perdieron la vida
      • we were being swept out to sea by the tide la marea nos arrastraba mar adentro
      • she succeeded in sweeping us along with her enthusiasm consiguió arrastrarnos con su entusiasmo
      • he advanced across Italy sweeping all before him cruzaba Italia arrasando (con) todo a su paso
      • She was swept into the crowd of students making their way into the building, and she let herself be.
      • He allowed the crowd to sweep him along in their stampede, helpless to do anything else, and was carried outside.
      • She was swept along in that chaos and abruptly lost track of where she was.
      • When he was canoeing from 60 Mile early one morning at break up, his canoe tipped and he was swept along among the floating ice.
      • The riotous crowd around him swept him along through arcane underground tunnels to a vaulted hall.
      • Amidst excited cheering, Scott Parker was swept onto the shoulders of two of his teammates and raised high for all the student body to see.
      • Fred remembers one incident when a 50 ft narrowboat was swept by the force of the current into a tree blocking one arch of the swing bridge soon after it had left the lock.
      • It became an unforgettable encounter when our raft capsized, and I was swept along powerless in its icy unbridled current.
      • I was swept along to my class by the tide of students, hurrying to arrive before the next bell rang.
      • It took me so long to process all I was seeing and hearing that the monster had me by my shoulders and was sweeping me out the door before I could say a word.
      • They did so with such energy that I was swept along as well, hardly paying attention to the jokes or the plot.
      • Then a gigantic wave came rushing towards us and we were swept along into the trees.
      • I was swept along with the crowd and found myself genuinely delighted when Fulham went ahead.
      • If the rig could be damaged and its contents lost, a spokeswoman for the agency asked, could not DU shells be swept away or moved from the seabed too?
      • The journey back downstream was even more exhilarating as the force of the water at the various cascades threatened to sweep you off your feet.
      • She did not wish to go to the top, for she knew what would take place and had no desire to see it, but her own feelings were quelled and she was docilely swept along with the crowd.
      • I am caught up in the throng and it sweeps me along.

  • 4

    • 4.1(scan)

      he swept the horizon with his telescope recorría / escudriñaba el horizonte con su telescopio

    • 4.2(search)

      (area) peinar
      (area) rastrear
      • Hundreds of homeowners were warned to remain indoors and keep their doors and windows shut after clouds of black smoke from a blaze at a scrap tyre depot in Levenshulme swept across the area.
      • On the morning of August 16, hundreds of soldiers surrounded and swept through areas of the northern town of Mannar and suburbs.
      • He swept the area with his eyes, searching for any Marines.
      • We've been fortunate because none of the eyes' of the hurricanes have swept through our area.
      • Then I take off at a jog across the tilled field, carefully avoiding the search tower spotlights which sweep the area under the beady eye of the armed guards.
      • Immediately, they swept across the room, searching for anyone who may have entered.
      • The problem first surfaced when a deluge on July 12 th 1997, swept through the Glencullen area.
      • In Levenshulme hundreds of homeowners were warned to remain indoors and keep doors and windows shut after clouds of choking black smoke from a fire at a tyre depot swept across the area.
      • It is for this reason that violence is sweeping through Islamic world today bringing bad name to religion of peace and compassion like Islam.
      • This year, Boscastle became headline news when a devastating flood swept through the town, destroying all in its path.
      • Lonely eyes swept the room, searching for open arms or warm eyes.
      • Fifty years ago, an epidemic swept across this nation affecting millions of people and lasting for many years.
      • The classic example has been the Toronto Blessing, which came to Slovakia via the UK, and swept through many churches affecting thousands of believers.
      • Some were victims of a sudden rise in sea-level near the eye of the cyclone - known as a storm surge - that swept across low-lying land.
      • Pikitup crews take to the streets of Joburg nightly to sweep, and even wash down, roads and pavements, and the new machine will be used specifically to target the worst streets.
      • Tens of thousands of homes, made of bamboo and straw have been washed away by waters sweeping across 25 of Assam's 26 districts.
      • When the last floods swept through Mozambique there was a shortage of helicopters and more lives would have been lost had it not been for the tireless work of the South African aircrews.
      • Floods that have also swept through the neighbouring countries of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe have particularly hit Mozambique.
      • A similar fire in the same area last year swept across six miles of ground to the outskirts of Mallaig, the fishing port to the immediate north, before it was extinguished.
      • We didn't begin searching until the house had been thoroughly swept for fingerprints and other evidence.
      • Only seconds after removing the vent cover and ducking inside, nearly a dozen powerful beams of light swept the area in search of the intruder.
      • It was pitch dark, and we were crawling along behind a military tank with its big searchlight sweeping through the fields to get there.
      • The burning oil is believed to have swept into the area's storm water drains on Monday evening after a fire broke out at the Hursthill substation on Perth Road, near the dam.
      • Should that mean that Geiger counter sweeps searching for dirty bombs would become unconstitutional?
      • A 15-foot storm surge swept inland, destroying thousands of homes and businesses.
      • Additionally, there were the heavy rains and swollen rivers in the area that swept away mines and blurred their markings which gave rise to similarly hazardous situations for all.
      • Also tonight, the first death in a wave of rioting and violence that has swept through France.
      • So when a flash flood swept down the valley on Sunday night, leaving the road beneath 12 ft of water, the monastic ruin in the care of English Heritage was undamaged.

  • 5

    (win overwhelmingly)
    our team swept the series nuestro equipo arrolló / arrasó en la serie
    • nobody was surprised when she swept the country a nadie le sorprendió que se impusiera aplastantemente en todo el país

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(move rapidly)

      the car swept by / past without stopping el coche pasó rápidamente sin detenerse

    • 1.2(move proudly)

      she swept into the room entró majestuosamente en la habitación
      • he swept past as if I wasn't there pasó por mi lado con la cabeza en alto, como si yo no existiera

  • 2

    • 2.1(spread)

      fire swept through the hotel el fuego se propagó / se extendió por todo el hotel
      • panic swept through the ranks cundió el pánico en las filas

    • 2.2(extend)

      the path sweeps down to the road el sendero baja describiendo una curva hasta la carretera
      • the river sweeps over the plain to the sea el río recorre la llanura hasta llegar al mar

    • 2.3(survey)

      his gaze swept over their faces recorrió sus rostros con la mirada